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The Banyan Tree – A story

I stumble over door to door in search of salvation and mental peace.My own soul failed to recognise herself.The darker side of soulspread its branches ferociously.I feel like I was in prison in my own body like some amarbel find it’s host.After, millions steps and struggles;that loner Banyan tree amidst  the cocophany streets piqued my curiosity.It feels like a gateway […]

Take a Risk ! – A Poem

Men are jobless,homeless, foodless.They risk their life,against all odds & even,against the pandemicfor survival of their family.Power veils the secrecy.Powerful men overcome the powerless.They risk their respect, diligenceto serve food to their children.Power rules over humanity; is truly said.Humanity risk itself to survive.Men risk themselves to thrive.Nature risk themselves to arrive.We all take a risk to rise !!©DakshaliGupta |9 June […]

Some random Musing

I used to love your company until or unless something inexplicable happened between Us. I don’t know what it was, may be it was the ill- effect of the post pandemic stress that everyone is feeling right now, in their day to day unoccupied occupied schedule. Or it was when I wrote a poem ‘pretender’ for you. things really changed […]

A letter to RED

Dear Red,You know you’re the most beautiful color I have ever seen in my life.You think that you’re only known for your weaknesses, mood swings, rage and anger. You are so wrong. My dear, you’re much more than what you think.You’re the color of a rose, that what people know you for, the elegance of frailty like those fragile petals.You’re […]

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