कैसी है ये दास्तान
ना समझे,ना समझ पाए।
आवारा सा,
अंजाने सा
एहसास लिए।

कितनी सच्चाई इसमें,
कितनी अच्छाई इसमें,
कोई ना जाने ।
ख्वाहिश उसे जानने की,
या ना जानने की,
समझ ना पाए।

कैसी है ये दास्तान
ना समझे, ना समझ पाए।

समझ ना पाए ,
बदलते मौसम को,
कभी सफेद सी रोशनी,
कभी अमलतास सी पीली।
अरबों रंगो को लिए,
वर्धमान चांद ये।

हज़ारों आवेश लिए,
गुमनाम सा ये सितारा।
मतबली सा एहसास लिए,
कुछ उलछे से ये दास्तान,
ना समझे, ना समझ पाए।

कैसी है ये दास्तान,
ना समझे, ना समझ पाए।

© dakshali

Author: dakshali27

A women who's still searching her wisdom via art.

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  1. Beautiful.
    Do read my path-breaking articles with over 360000 views across 200 countries and counting. They are very relevant to our present situation:
Warm regards.

    1. You know, I should be thankful to you.
      Non- duality is itself a word to be understood. If you can understand this word, you may probably can understand the feelings of this poem.

      1. Ego is dual. To criticize, one must see oneself as better. This is the illusion our system of life creates in us. A spurious idea of superiority, which proves itself to be a form of collective insanity.

      2. My study of Advaita Vedanta was extensive and is ongoing. One of the steps to ultimate understanding was to realize that the fight is not over once non-duality is felt. Dualism comes from the outside now and it takes effort to not fall back into it.

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