As I said before nature has taught us lots of life lessons, the only thing is to grasp those lessons for the betterment of ourselves and humanity 🙃

Falling leaves with shadows gone,
Colours fade with shiver on.

Multiple lives, multiple colours
Hidden behind giant leaves.
All I want to say is,
Be happy , Be crazy,
Life is one
Problems are many.
Be a hustler,
Save your life.

Falling leaves with shadows gone,
Fading colours with shiver on.

Autmns are gone to come,
To enlighten the sorrow world.
All I want to say is,
Spread colours,
Spread smiles.
Life is one
Hustles are many.
Be a hustler,
Enjoy your life.

The next season is on it’s way,
Welcomes it with happy face.
New leaves, new colours,
New Flowers, new struggles.

New struggles, with new season.
New season with new hustles.
Burn and earn this season,
With a key of happiness and
Lock the prosperity for ever and ever.


Copyright Reserved !


Good morninggg..
Welcome to the land
Of haunted.
Full of darkness,
With bats on sky
Echoed it right
With squeaks and sqawks.
Terrors of fun,
Characterized by
Black sky,
With rivers dry,
Fires on trees,
With ash around.
Windy day,
With ash on eyes,
In magic skies.
Dark day,
With dark magic squad,
With evils around.
In the world of magic,
All requires a Bhayankar Pari (Bad Fairy).
With a glimpse of
More Magic,
And Fun.
How good is the world of dreams, isn’t ?

© dakshali

Little Grace

Five little stars
Revolving around the mars
With pink on the head,
And green on the shade.
Carrying three little daughters
On the way to their universe.
That bunch of periwinkles,
Which removes all the wrinkles.
With blush on the cheeks ,
And smile on the face.
Melts the heart
With rays of it’s grace.


Squally Soul

Alluring night,
With showers of rain.
Sizzling lights,
With drops on leaves.
Soothing eyes,
With smile on face.
Squally nights,
With selfies on peak.
Swaying leaves,
With shoots at ease.
Alluring hearts,
With peace in it.🙃

New version of “Shoots


Far from the humanity
Into the world of darkness
Two of us,
Pleasantly into the gloomy path
Hiding fear behind us.
Enters the Unknown version
Of Chaupati
With ambience full of fear,
Ready to bear,
The beauty of
Lofty lamp
With no lights,
Moonless night
With no stars,
Shady lane
With no trees,
And dusky dark
With no ghosts.
Far from the humanity,
Into the world of darkness
Two of us,
Pleasantly into the gloomy path.
Crosses the so called Bridge,
Over the lake of peace
Known as Anasagar.
As beautiful as in light
Passes it’s glory,
Of Existence,
Generation after generations.

© dakshali


कैसी है ये दास्तान
ना समझे,ना समझ पाए।
आवारा सा,
अंजाने सा
एहसास लिए।

कितनी सच्चाई इसमें,
कितनी अच्छाई इसमें,
कोई ना जाने ।
ख्वाहिश उसे जानने की,
या ना जानने की,
समझ ना पाए।

कैसी है ये दास्तान
ना समझे, ना समझ पाए।

समझ ना पाए ,
बदलते मौसम को,
कभी सफेद सी रोशनी,
कभी अमलतास सी पीली।
अरबों रंगो को लिए,
वर्धमान चांद ये।

हज़ारों आवेश लिए,
गुमनाम सा ये सितारा।
मतबली सा एहसास लिए,
कुछ उलछे से ये दास्तान,
ना समझे, ना समझ पाए।

कैसी है ये दास्तान,
ना समझे, ना समझ पाए।

© dakshali

Wildlife Week celebration

Live and let Live

Everyone has the right to live ,
Don’t seize others life, you don’t owe it.