The purpose Of Life

Every soul that came to this World,
Flatter around like hinds,
With clueless minds,
And flawless brains.
Nothing knows which path to entrains.

Every soul that came to this World, Has a purpose given to their life.
All what we have to do is to,
Search for that purpose.
Sometimes, the purpose of our life
Is just in front of us,
Like a happiness allies.
Even then, we can't lead ourselves to follow the lines.

So, to understand those lines;
Just feel the vibes of your soul,
Do the things that makes you delight.
Against all the odds and even.
And, find the reason for your existence.

©Dakshali Gupta
Copyright Reserved !

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सबसे दरखास्त,
सबसे इस देश से,
इन अवाम से,
इन बच्चो से,
उनके परिवारों से,
दोस्तो से,
दुश्मनों से,
ना करे कोई बात ,
गलत समय,
गलत दिन, गलत रात
गलत बात , गलत साथ।
ना जाने किस मोड़ ले जाएंगी, बिन छोर ।
किए कमजोर इन रिश्ते – एहसासों को।
उन रिश्तों को जिन्हें बनाने में साल लगे,
उन एहसासों को जिन्हें बनने में साल लगे,
एक ग़लती से सब उजड़ जाते है, जनाब!
काम बनते बनते बिखर जाते है, हज़ार।
कोई कैसे परखे उन गलतियों को,
जब कोई गलतियां ही ना करे बारंबार !

@Dakshali Gupta

Copyright Reserved !

I have write this poem few months ago, and now I have time to post it.
I don’t know how much affective this poem is, but personally I don’t like this one !
Glad to know your views.🙂

The Guilt

Our Word can never be picked
Once it’s thrown.

Our Faith can never be rebuilt,
Once it shattered down.

Our Love can never be regained,
Once it lost.

Our Friendship can never be reclaimed,
Once it’s broken.

Our Hope can never be stayed long,
Once it demoralized.

Our Trust can never be retrieved,
Once we mistrust with it.

Our Decision can never be replaced,
Once it made.

Our Behaviour can never be returned,
Once we act upon it, impatiently.

Our Steps can never be taken back,
Once we had crossed it.

We can’t change the things,
That we had done in the past.

The only we can have is the feeling of Guilt,
That builts over the passage of time.

© Dakshali Gupta

Copyright Reserved !


Would he also feel the same,
Over his pessimistic thoughts.

Would he also feel the same,
Over his layered smile.

Would he also feel the same,
Over his unusual happiness.

Would he also feel the same,
Over his figurative words.

Would he also feel the same,
As I heard,
The silence of  unspoken words, Through his heart,
Wanting me to decipher the range of those words.
Or Is it just a figment of my own imagination.

© Dakshali Gupta
    Copyright Reserved.

To the world of dreams

Away from the chaos of the world,
And far from the destruction of Amphan.
Someone take me to the world of dreams.

Away from the ambiguity of destiny,
And the uncertainty of life or the certainty of death,
Someone pls take me to the world of dreams
Where the Alice lives and the Gulliver travels,
In the Princess palace, to the Mogali’s tree.

Away from the chaos of the world,
Into the world of dreams.
Where the Ostwal lives and the Noddy flies.
In the world of Sonpari’s , to the place where magic pencil exists.

Far from the world of politics,
Away from this contagious life, to the world of hallucinations,
Where there is no one to provoke chaos.
Into the World of dreams.

© Dakshali Gupta

Copyright Reserved.

Who’s been more blessed ?

You’re always their for me,

whenever required.

I’m the one who leaves you alone, Everytime you needs me.

You’re always kind to me,

I’m the one who tried to act as being cruel.

You’re always honest to me,

I’m the one who lied to you with my feelings.

You always loved me,

I’m the one who act as I hated you the most.

But my love, I have done all this did for you only.

I always wanted you to be Bold.

I always wanted you to be independent from my presence.

Still, you never ignored me nor hated me for my stupidity !!!

Who’s been blessed more? Me or him ?

©Dakshali Gupta
Copyright Reserved

That Gleaming Moon !

Some says Moon is their God,
For others it would be their Mother, Or friend,
But for me,
You’re only my “Chanda Mama”.
Hours spend besides the lake,
Under the stars.
The soft gentle breeze,
Reminds me the presence of your. Gazing you all night,
To smilling you,
And you always gleaming back to me. You’d be always there for me,
When no one is there.
Listens to all my problems,
To solving it.
You’re always there for me, My Chanda Mama !
And bring back those gleamy smiles again.
You’re always my Chanda Mama…. Forever and ever !!!© Dakshali Gupta
Copyright Reserved !
I’m missing this place very much !
That walking in the lanes of Anasagar Chowpatty, where every song soothes the soul itself, that gazing to moon for hours and clicking numerous picture of it. That whispers of wind which touches the heart, to remove all its scars.
How beautiful is this place in itself !💙

The One with those Eyes !

So, the excerpt of the content can easily be understood 😅

Your eyes are still mine,
Don’t know each other, still mine. That vivid smile,
Wants me to explore the world of yours.
That oceanly eyes,
Wants me to dive deeper and and long.
That day, when our eyes met,
Is so dynamic and mystic,
That I can felt your part of, current too
All over my nerves !
That’s why I kept telling myself,
Your eyes are still mine,
Don’t know each other, still mine.

©Dakshali Gupta


That Sunday morning,
With full of enthusiastic faces.
The only day, of 8 hours of outing
That made the life of the hostelers,
Cheerful and cherished.

With countless footprints,
And numerous shakes,
We stepped towards our destination.
That only tree, up above the hills.

Crossing the curves of ridges in the arms of the Aravali,
Gradually, reaching the heights of our dreams.
Creating the memories of life,
In the lap of those uneven rocks,
Touching the skies of our hope.
That only tree, up above the hills,
Which finally enlightened the worn-out faces.

That Sunday morning,
With full of enthusiastic faces,
The only day, of eight hours of outing,
That made the life of a hostelers
Cheerful and cherished.



Life is like river,
just flow through it ,
With ups and down,
Without any Hopes and Expectations.
Let it be what’s going on,
As a flowing of water.
And enjoying the gritty surfaces,
With sparkling splashes of joy.
Tons of pebbles, garbages within itself,
Neither complained  nor compliment,
Just flow, flow and flow.
Without any Hopes and Expectations.
But with a keen observation.
Life is Just like a river isn’t it???

© dakshali27

Generally, we get affected by the negative  energies and forget about the positivities that we have in ourselves and start condemning our life.
Irrespective of condemning it, we should start praising to God for giving us the beautiful life and give value to it.
Everyone in this world faced the ups and down in their life which is essential for them to blooming out of the mud.
No one should give up how big their problem is but should cope with strength and determination.
And keep on flowing, absorbing the positive energies and neglecting the negative one, because that is what we called Life.