I wish,
I could reside in my dreams forever,
I could glimpse something I have never had.
I could walk on those streets I have never been.
I could fly on those alluring cerulean clouds.

I wish,
I could have magic wand,
Fullfills all my wishes, and
Never let others alone and helpless.

I wish,
I could rewind the time,
Gather all the ashes of unpleasant memories,
And hem them with heavenly memories.

I wish,
I could reside in my dreams, forever and ever, undyingly.

©Dakshali Gupta (30/07/20)

Mother’s Love

I heard the yelling of a Cat
Crying like a Man.
For some time,
I got engrossed .
Listened to it carefully,
Is that how cat’s cry ?

Opened the door,
Looked left and right,
Across the gate.
That cat sitting next to my door,
Cries like someone has stolen something precious from her.
As for humans, diamond is considered as precious element.
Do that cat lost her diamond ?
I kept asking to myself, repeatedly.

That cat,
With narrow pupils,
Over her white Iris.
With striped body.
Over her grey skin,
Unnerved me first,
Then melts my fear into condolences.

Searching for her babies,
As told by my mother later.
That was born few days aback.
Mother’s love is always eternal, Isn’t it ?
No matter,
If it’s human or animals.
Mothers are mothers,
There’s no partiality between the two.

©Dakshali Gupta

The Differences

I know
We are not alike.

I know
We are not the same.

I know
We are not similar either.

I know
You are a Boy…

“Pride of the Society”.

“Pride of the family”.
One who continues the family.

I know
You are a Boy…
Bold and audacious appearance to the society.
One with the heroic character.

But nowadays we are not Inferior anymore.
As such we have heard earlier.
Many Rani Laxmi Bai’s can be conspicuous to the society.
Whatever was said by the society,
Or by the family itself.
Is not always true.

We are not for only submissive romantic interest.
Or not for only baby generator.
We have our own Indentity, our own Fame.

Why we always considered as the
Timid, Needy and the Destitute one.

Why do we always meant for men only.
Can’t we live our life independently ?

Don’t we have our own Indentity and Pride ???

Okay, let’s accept the fact that
We are not as physically strong as men,
But we are emotionally strong enough.

The tears of our eyes,
Are the strength of our soul.
That brings the courage to do
Any Impossible things in the World.

I know
We are not alike.

I know
We are not the same.

I know
We are not similar either.

But we are humans,

Apart from male and female,

We are humans.

Apart from all gender differences,

We are humans.

So, better treat individuals as individual,

Not by their sexes.

©Dakshali Gupta

All Rights Reserved

Dream catcher

Small wooden hoop,
Covered in web of natural fibres, Sacred like feathers and beads are the jewelries of it.
Hanging down from the bottom of loop.

Small wooden hoop,
Depicts the deep meaning in itself. Represents the circle of life,
Day & night are the part of it.
How forces travel each day over night across the sky,
Beautifies the meaning of “The Dream Catcher”.

Small wooden hoop,
Also known as the “Sacred Hoops” Helps people from bad dreams,
As believed by ancestors.
Dream that catches dreams;
Good or bad, doesn’t matter.

Bad dreams caught up by net, Destroyed, burned up in the light of day.
Good dreams slides down the feathers,
Down to the sleeper below to comfort all it’s comfortness.

Small wooden hoop,
With only from it’s feathers and beads;
Changes all its glory.


I have noticed the differences,
That both of us has experienced.
None of one have the courage,
To break the Silence,
And enter a word.
The only I can get is the
Messages of the blank word.

This one was saved in my Google notes. 😄.Thank you for reading !🙃


Tiny little droplets,

Travel towards thin breeze,

Tinkling on the leaves, one by one

Tumbled to

Twisted tendrils swiftly,

Tracing the cascades of


A pleiades poem has only one word in the title followed by a Seven line stanza. The first word of each line begins with the same letter as the title .

This is my first attempt to this poetry form i.e., Pleiades.
I know this can be done in a better way !

Thank you for reading .


My heart breathes when you’re around me,
My lungs get pumps when you’re surrounds me,
My diaphragm fills with the aroma of your presence.

My nerves got excited seeing you around.
My eyes got stuck around you only,
The only I can see is,
You, you and you only.

Everywhere I can only smell,
The aroma of your perfume.
That indicates the presence of your.

My heart also breathes when you’re not around me.
The aroma of your perfume,
Is enough for me to breathe.

My lungs also get pumps when you’re not surrounds me,
The aroma of your perfume,
Is enough for my lungs to pump.

The aroma of your perfume,
Is enough for my each organs
To exist on it’s own.

Because the only souvenir I have,
Is the aroma of your presence only.

© Dakshali Gupta

Copyright Reserved !



Years spent,

Waiting for you to arrive.

Solitary, abandoned,

Misleading in auld basle

In between walls of castle.

Moustache turned into

long beard, as lion’s mane.

Black hairs turned into

White, as experienced man.

All I have achieved is the

Experiences of hopefulness and

despair hues.

In response to Sajde’s What do you see

Saturday Six Word Story Prompt – “Family” (#3)


This is response to by Saturday Six Word Story Prompt by Shweta of My Random Ramblings and prompt for this week is Family.

1. Members apart but heart still connected.

2. Friend, families of unconnected gene combination.

3. In laws, home of new families.

4. New member of my family, Laemo.

5. Tested positive, threat to family, hospitalized.

Thank you for reaching .🙃


RED – The Colour of Pride

The colour that unites everyone.
The colour that gives meaning to every women.
The colour that transforms girl to women.
The colour that bleeds through them.
The colour that makes them strong inspite up all the cramps they get.

The colour that stops them to open their wings,
Stupid superstitious customs, behind that game.
Although, there are many people,
Who won that game.
Inspite of all the chains, clenched them tightly.
They won that game.

Red, gives them strength to fly.
Up above the sky,
Where there are no boundations.
Up above the sky,
Where there are no chains, that clenched them.

The colour of their lips,
Which gives sheer glow to their face.
Strength to empower their power.
The colour which unites everyone,
Is the reason for our seperation too.

This patriarchal society,
Wanted us to be down and down.
They can’t see them to fly.
They can’t see them to rise.

But, Oh My Dear,
This world is changing so fast.
The era of mobilization is spreading so fast.
Chains that you used them to clench us,
Is the key to our success.
Is the key to our success.

© Dakshali Gupta

Image taken by instagram