Let’s get Lost

I dreams of to dream !

Let’s get lost,
besides that bush of bougainville.
Let’s get lost,
where the butterflies betokens.
Let’s get lost,
to the unending streets.
Let’s get lost,
where the soothing song dwells.
Let’s get lost,
where I could cultivate my barren   
Let’s get lost,
to discover the undiscover version of myself.

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The Ode to Joy


Joel Valve – Unsplash
The day,
She waited for
has reached its endeavour.
The day,
She always waited for,
has finally reached its endeavour.
Filled with the elixirs of exhilaration,
she stretched her hands,
as if she was touching the skies.
Poised on her very toe,
arching her body,
as if going to pirouette.
She jumped, bent, rose, turned 'round
and felt the droplets of water abruptly over her fingers,
that tumbles downwards to the neck,
giving the serenity to her sultry cells.
She danced.
She danced, without
the conventional boundaries,
till she gained her reassaurance.

In response to Sajde’s What do you see #44

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// We never know what the destiny has plan for us, but we have to walk our own steps.//

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WDYS #5 ~ Sometimes, unhappy days were most happy moments. ~

Kyle Glenn – Unsplash

We used to share love in a very unique way,
whenever we had a fight.

We used to converse via sticky notes,
on that board,
placed on that wall.

That wall is used to be our fav. place,
where we spend our most of the time.

How our fight ends within a sec.
with just exchange of some notes.

Now we’re laughing remembering those days.

~ Sometimes, unhappy days can be a happy moments isn’t it ? ~

In response to, Sajde’s What Do You See #43

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Image Credit : Lucas Pezetaat at Pexels
Why dreams are meant for men only ? 
Do women don't have their dreams ?
Why they have to change their life after marriage ?
Why they have to scatter their dreams after marriage ?

Why does her own personality have no meaning to her own life ?
Why do we have to hide ourself behind those Masks,
Which world wants to see them as every another women.
And why do women have to accept those chains, and wear those masks.

Why do we have to hide our scars everywhere and everytime .
Why do we have to wear our fears in our sleeves.
Sleeves are known for it's pride,
Not for their fears after all.

Why dreams are meant for men only ?
Do women don't have their own pride ?
Why do women have to be answerable everytime any shits happens ?
And why the hell,
We have to play the roles of so many characters,
but still get the term "trivial" by the society.
Why dreams are meant for men only ?

If this is the definition of marriage,
I'll never ever gonna married to anyone in my life.

In response to What do you see # 42 By Sajde.

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Ideal Inspirational Blogger Award

This is my first Ideal Inspirational Blogger Award. Arniket and Nawazish nominated for this award.

Both are amazing writer ,Arniket is good for his heart wrenching shayaris and quotes while Nawazish is good for everything.
Make sure you go check out their blogs and read their work.
Click on the above mentioned name. Thank you so much for
both of you.

The Rules of this award are:

  1. Thank the person who have nominated you and provide a link back to his/her blog.
  2. Answer their questions.
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Questions asked by Arniket

1. What education are you pursuing or job?

So, I am pursuing Bsc.B.ed .It is an 4 years integrated course of B.sc and B.ed .

2. What do you choose fly or invisible and why?

I always used to be in my dreams but in real life I always prefer to work hard and conquer my demons.

3. Your favorite indoor game? Why ?

When I am alone, I used to play Ludo or when I’m with my sister, I played Carrom board with her.

4. Best quote you have heard so far?

“The two most popular warriors are patience and time”.

So, this my best quotes that I have heard but the irony is I can’t even learn to manage these things.

5. Which city do you live in?

New Delhi, India.

Questions asked by Nawazish :

1. What thing you would want to change in the world around you?

These types of things I used to think in my childhood days, now I preferred to change myself and my prospectives towards the society or world.

2. A lesson learnt from your father that you always keep in mind ?

Don’t always help people perpetually and innocently, as there are all types of people around yourself.

3. Your biggest achievement till now .

Appreciation, and the nomination awards that you guys give to  me are my biggest achievement till  now.

4.What does dusk and dawn mean to you ?

Good days always arise after a gloomy and an unfortunate one.
And finally Russia declared vaccines are registered for use.

5. Do you believe grey in between or everything is black and white for you? Why ?

Okay, sometimes black and white looks  more classy as compared to colours, and always be black and white can be boredom. One must enjoy their life to it’s fullest, as their is only one life to live so live to it’s fullest, and do things in life that you’re afraid of.

My questions

  1. Which post of your own is your favorite?
  2. If you would write a book, what would it be about?
  3. If you’re asked to suggest a book, which one will you prefer ?
  4. If everything will be okay..someday, will you be thankful to the lockdown . If it is yes, or no accordingly, then Why ?
  5. What motivates you to survive or live your life ?

My nominees

3.Priyanshi Shah
4.Anushree Shrivastava
5.Hemalatha Ramesh
6.Swati Gupta

Thank you again for all the love, support and nomination.

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I know you're there,
Like the shadow,
Following my every step,
But, I'm not afraid of you.
I have accepted your existence.
Dreams of my future,
Were to be accomplished by my comrade.
I don't want much from my life,
Only I want to help everyone.
Each and every one should be
Content and happy.
From NGO's to Apna Ghar,
I want to help each and everyone.
From helping children to serving grannies,
I want to see that smile on their melancholy faces.
But, I know Comrade,
You're always there for me.
Please follow my dreams in my absence.
And always there for them as an acquaintance.
Now, the time has reached it's endeavour,
Heeds are on their way too.

© Dakshali Gupta

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Hide & Seek


Image credit- Lewis Roberts- Unsplash
Until a while ago,
Everything was great.
Playing Hide & Seek,
With my friends,
Teasing and mimicring them,
Making fun of them,
As they were not able to find me.

All of a sudden,
I don't know how,
I was stuck in between those branches,
The tree far away from my home.
With my forlornly face,
I was screaming for help,
But, something has stuck in my larynx
I was not able to yell,
I was yelling my friend simultaneously,
To come and help me, but failed to reached out to him.

I was looking here and there,
Waving my hands in air,
For someone to help,
And get out of this err.

I was wet and drenched,
I opened my eyes, and looked around,
I was dreaming,
And laugh heartily for a while.

© Dakshali Gupta.

In response to Sajde’s What do you See #41 – 3 Aug 2020

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What If

An imperfect perfectly Friendship

Image courtesy : Google
What if,
If I actually decided to forget you.
What if, I forgot you.

What if,
If I decided to parted off for forever.
What if, I parted off.

What if,
If I neglected all the promises we have made.
What if, I overlooked them completely.

What if,
If I ignored the voices of the words,
the poems which I have written for you.
What if, those words don't haunted me.

What if,
If I didn't listen to my innerself,
Ignoring the rays of hope coming within myself.
What if, I totally dumped that hope.

What if,
If the "Alag Aasmaan" don't push me to apologise for my fault.
And not signifies the beauty of friendship.
What if, I didn't listened to that song.

What if,
If you never forgive me for my words.
What if, you forgot me in all these process.

What if,
If we will never meet in future.
What if, we had not met each other in life.

©Dakshali Gupta(04/08/20)

PS : I think this poem is better being half written. Idk, but it looks not completely to me but on other hand it is imperfectly perfect !

PPS : ‘Alag Aasmaan’ is the fifth single’s song by Anuj Jain. And all his songs are my all time favourite music :))