Zindagi ka naam hi chalna hai ..

Found this click on Instagram, and just wrote this peice. I have tag the photographer there.

Zindagi ke is safar me,
bs chalna hi seekha hai.

Chahe ho kisi ka saath ya na,
Bs chalna hi seekha hai.

Parindo, ne bhi mujhe yehi sikhaya h,
Bs udte rho,
Udte rho,
Khushiyan batorte rho.
In khushiyon ko bs dhage ki tarah lapeta rho,
Chahe bn jaye kbhi, vo dor fanda hi kyu na ..
Udna hi seekha hai hmesha, unhone bhi !

Saathi mayene nhi rakhte,
Un rishton ki khushiya mayene rkhti hai,
Unka bitaya hua ek ek pal mere sath..
mayene rkhte h?
Unka bitaya, hr ek pal mayene rkhte hai,
Jinhe hm saalo se bunnte chle ja rhe the,
Aage chal ke ye dhage tutenge kabhi,
kisko pta tha?
Hn lekin,
Dusre rango ke bhi to dhake hote hai na?
Unhen kyu nhi apni zindgi ki khushiyon me shamil karte ho?

Raaste mayene nhi rakhte hai, vse bhi..
Un rasto me bitaye pal mayene rkhte hai
Anginat pal,
Anginat khushiyaan,
Kbhi kbhr vo maleen raate,
Kbhi kbhr vo vileen raaste,
Bekhabar apne hi kadmo se…
Humne to bs khushiyaan batorna seekha hai,
Chahe ho kitne hi q katheen rastein…
Inhi kadmo ne kaafi kuch sikhaya bhi h
Seekh bhi kaafi mili h inse…
Lekin, zindagi ke in parindo ne khone ke mayene bhi shikhaye hai.

Bs jee le is zindagi ko,
Aadhi adhuri ya ho puri aadhi.
Bs jee le is zindagi ko !

Zindagi ka naam hi hai chlna,
Bs chalte rho, udte rho.

Ja ud chal apne hi dhuun me,
Ho raat ya savera, bs chalte chl,
Zindagi ka naam hi hai chlna, bs chalte chl..

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Dancing light

She smiled,
as the sun glanced on her face.
After the hazy,
tired, distressful night.
She smiled, again.

The first rays of Sun is like a
lagoon of overflowing HOPE to her.
The scarlet hues of over rising sun,
overcome the darkness by photons.
that allowed her to get hypnotized by the horizon, in no time.


She glows like a radiance of full moon,
In the light of the photons.
Forgetting her scars for a while,
praising her blemishes of life,
and accepting her existence of living.

Looking at the sky,
she stood arose, uplift herself with sac of positivity,
looked outside the balcony, and
smile 🙂
as if rays are flirting with her.
She then, glanced to the Sun, whose rays by then,
are playing with her curly frizzy hairs.

She widened her lips,
eradicating all types of weeds from her life, and brought a blushing smile over her round face.
Red rosy dimples on her cheeks, is the witnesses of her smile.

She thanked Universe for giving such a beautiful life to her.
After all, she is a ‘ Helophilic ‘.
How can she forget to adore the Sun,
who adorn her life the best, out of waste.

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The sky is calling you

#wdys 11

Oh my dear Love !
Don’t be afraid to fly.
Just open your wings and
extend it to the fullest.
I’m with you.
Just fly.
I’ll take care of everything.
You just focus on yourself.
Just open your wings and
Fly, till you attain your endeavours.

Image credit – Evans Clark @unsplash

The sky is calling you,
The ocean is waiting for you,
to measure the heights of your endeavour.
The sharks is waiting for you,
for you to be falling down.
But, don’t be afraid to fly,
over the ocean.
because of that tiny little sea creature.
It is part of your test.
Don’t just give up,
because of that tiny little sea creature.
I’m with you.
You just open your wings, and
extend it to the fullest.
and fly .

The sky is calling you.
Focus on your endeavour.
You’ll definitely success in your life.
I’m with you.
But, promise me
You’ll never forget me,
once you get success on your career.
You’ll hold my hands again,
whenever you will came back
and will stare this blizzardly sky together again.

This post is written in response to Sajde's What do you see prompt.

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