दिन शुभ हो जाता है
जब ‘सुप्रभात’ सुने जाते हैं।
गजब व्यवहार बनाये जाते हैं
अब ‘सुप्रभात’ पढ़े जाते हैं।

मेल मिलाप कहाँ होता हैं
औपचारिकता निभाये जाते हैं।
ये तो ऑनलाइन का जमाना है
व्यवहार शेड्यूल किये जाते हैं।

© विनय कुमार पाण्डेय

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Picture Prompt Plate #4- ROUNDUP POST

Picture courtesy : Pinterest
(For virtually handicapped, the picture shows a girl going down stairs in laundry basket. And his brother was enjoying the moment from the brim of stairs)

To check out the rules of Picture Prompt Plate aka PPP, click here.

“She is as fearless as his brother.

Born fighter and Smart.

She proved himself;

She is not as tender as the bud.

She is as strong as the voice of the Fate”.

This week we were presented with a few funny repsonses. Please click on the links to read the contributions of our esteemed bloggers.

Di –  Liftoff

Laduleemanila- Picture Prompt Plate #4 – Ready, steady, go

Sajde – Picture Prompt Plate # 4

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Reblog;Liftoff: PPP4

First in the Week, Di has written such a enthusiastic story.

Dakshali is our host for the PPP challenge. Great picture this week. I can hear the glee! Our image is courtesy of Pinterest and for the visually challenged shows a young girl in a crash helmet sliding down the stairs in a laundry basket while her brother cheers her on from the top of the […]Liftoff: PPP4