A letter to RED

Dear Red,
You know you’re the most beautiful color I have ever seen in my life.
You think that you’re only known for your weaknesses, mood swings, rage and anger. You are so wrong. My dear, you’re much more than what you think.
You’re the color of a rose, that what people know you for, the elegance of frailty like those fragile petals.
You’re known for your color of the befalling September leaves, and how can you forget that the day starts with you only.
Yes dear , the color of rising Sun is none other than the red.
You’re the one who gives meaning to every women, and makes them strong, inspite of all the cramps they inherit.
You’re the one who gives sheer glow to their faces. You should be proud of yourself, that you’re color which unites everyone despite of all the differences. You should be proud to yourself, that you’re the color of Period.

Soulmate, Period !

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Author: dakshali27

A women who's still searching her wisdom via art.

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