A New Picture Prompt for Saturdays

Another response just given by Dii @penstivity at 'Picture Prompt Plate'.

Dakshali has started a new picture prompt and asked me to join in. You can find out more here and hopefully will participate too. Picture courtesy – pinterest The roses bloom, Their scent fills the room, I sit in this chair, And remember. We were so young, Our life just begun, You brushed out my […]A New Picture Prompt for Saturdays

Author: dakshali27

A women who's still searching her wisdom via art.

5 thoughts on “A New Picture Prompt for Saturdays”

    1. Yes Aadya, anyone can join. And till this Friday, you can submit your piece in your post and pingback me. I am waiting for your response eagerly <3

      1. Oh yes! Actually my exams are going on and are ending this friday too! I baje got a idea, quite an interesting one…..coming soon….hope u like it!

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