“A Tale of the Pigeons”

Sun on the head
With beams on the foot,
Bush on the edge
With rose on the floor.

Sun on the head,
With eagles on the sky.
Pigeons on the edge,
With grains on the floor.
Eyes on the grain,
With summon up the courage.
Finally, achieved its own battle.

Sun on the head,
With cat on its way,
Screwed up the pigeon’s endeavour !

© Dakshali Gupta
Copyright Reserved !

Thank you for reading :))

Author: dakshali27

A women who's still searching her wisdom via art.

0 thoughts on ““A Tale of the Pigeons””

    1. Haha..great !
      I itself considered myself as bird and trying to understand it’s feelings.
      Thank you so much Hardik for giving it a read !😊
      Have a prosperous day ahead !🌸

              1. Actually yahan kisi ki age ka pata chalta nhi, isliye sbko respect dene k liye ji bolta hu, meri aadat ho gyi hai aise bolne ki yahan😅😅😅

  1. दे तो वो हिम्मत दे सदा
    चाहे धूप हो कितनी भी यहा
    हर जख्म सह कर लड़ेंगे सदा
    जीवन की हर जंग यहा।।

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