That Sunday morning,
With full of enthusiastic faces.
The only day, of 8 hours of outing
That made the life of the hostelers,
Cheerful and cherished.

With countless footprints,
And numerous shakes,
We stepped towards our destination.
That only tree, up above the hills.

Crossing the curves of ridges in the arms of the Aravali,
Gradually, reaching the heights of our dreams.
Creating the memories of life,
In the lap of those uneven rocks,
Touching the skies of our hope.
That only tree, up above the hills,
Which finally enlightened the worn-out faces.

That Sunday morning,
With full of enthusiastic faces,
The only day, of eight hours of outing,
That made the life of a hostelers
Cheerful and cherished.


Author: dakshali27

A women who's still searching her wisdom via art.

0 thoughts on “ARAVALI HILLS”

    1. Yeah…

      Mountains are my favourite place where I am always ready to wander around there 😅.

      Btw sorry, i cannot saw your comment. I’m just checking my pending comment box , and have seen through your msg.

  1. Wow nice . Mountain attracts me alot.And arravali hills are so huge and old. I felt many emotions when frist time I saw arravali hills in Ajmer.

    1. That’s being so great. Many strings are connected to Ajmer and still have to be.
      Thank you, buddy for sharing. I felt so connected☺️

    1. Yeah ! The feeling and emotions in the real life trips are too ecstatic and unforgettable that one can’t forget it even they want to be. …So yeah .. I’m always tried my best serve it with good sizzlings 😅

      Thanks for comment. It’s been so great to connect you☺️.
      Keep commenting !

      1. You’re truly amazing, Dakshali. I’m sure your friends would call you crazy for making this beautiful trip in a poetic way.

        But it’s always great being crazy. It proves we’re different and amazing.

        1. 😂😂 Ya ! May be they considered me as crazy as they are hahahaha..

          Yes ! Definately. One should always proved themselves to be different rather than following the same ,old path…

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