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What are you learning (or are you still learning) from your blogging experience ?

No one is perfect in every field. So yes, I am still learning and exploring the magic of Blogosphere.


  1. Before, starting your blog, Know your niche.
  2. Once the niche is decided, work on your content.
  3. As for the content part, I never thought I was good in writing poems, Sajde’s and other bloggers post inspire me to write more.
  4. Consistency is a necessary key
  5. Engage with other bloggers too : Read, comment and share their post. (This is the most important part of the blogging I guess. I learned from them a lot in both ways content wise and technical wise like themes, menus, and widgets.)
  6. Recently, I bought my own domain, I was very afraid to do that. But I wanted to explore something at that time. It deals me to learn and explore more about WordPress like plugins, google indexed , SEO and more of its technical areas. Thou, I lost my followers and some of my posts are not showing on my reader but is available on the website.
  7. At last, I would like to say “Explore yourself and get to know about a little more from your every post”.

Thank you, Share your views too..

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