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The history is full of heroes who made mark on the pages of time. It sings about the various Valor and pride of the brave kings , men and legends who made the country and the world proud from their gestures and sacrifices. But the words of the history is also donned by many females […]SHEROES OF THE HISTORY: WE DIDN’T KNEW !!

Letter to Heart from Brain

My dear heart,

Oh poor, cold blooded heart. I know you’re overloaded with emotions, imaginary self- made emotions. You’re looking for freedom now, but can’t find your way. Remember thee heart, you’re a cold blooded heart. You can adjust in any circumstances. You’re made to fit into any difficult situation.

I am the reason of thy depths of despair you’re suffering with. But, I’ll promise you I will find a peace in veins of thy delicate layer. I know you weighed a lil’ more than yesterday. You have been so much harsh to yourself by  weighing the grief and despair created by my figments of imagination.

Being an imaginative, and over thinking person, I often perhaps dis obliged you. I sometimes or perhaps often messes with my own thoughts and action. I heard yesterday in Anne with an ‘E’, a Netflix series that “Adversity can be a blessing“. Maybe something, hidden with these messed up thoughts.

Please, forgive me my friend. I know I am the reason behind your immense grief and despair, the reason for being an imaginative and over thinking person is the reason for your pain. I cannot see you in this pathetic tragedy anymore..

O dear, cold blooded heart, you’re brave and smart as I am. Yet, I shall try my best to give thy comforts back.

With love,
Yours messy Brain


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Letter to Anne Shirley

Dear little Anne with ‘E’

You know you’re far more than brave, anything ever could have imagined about.
You’re profusely embedded with full of imagination and spirited hope. I like or I’d say I loved every time you talk about your occult imagination. I loved the way how you convert plain things/moments into the most wonderful and delightful meaning with your occult imagination. I loved the way when you said, ” I wish I was the seagull, the most carefree of all the birds”.

Anne with an ‘E’ a Netflix Web Series

I know you like “imagining more than remembering”. Still, the fragments of your devastating and dreadful flashbacks hold with you are present. Princess Cordelia. You’re the prettiest thing I have ever seen after ‘Bridgerton’, ‘Emily in Paris’  or that cute lil’ hybrid child in ‘Sweet Tooth’. You’re like as wild roses. Wild, free enriched with a uniquely spirited and pure bewitching soul as pink as the colour of wild roses. I like the white cherry blossom tiara you wore when you lived in your fantasy world of Queen and Hope of living.

I just watched you for the first time, and in the first episode, you enraptured me and spread your magic of imagination into mine. I think we’re much alike and I pretty sure knew, there’s not another hope gone. Not this time. You will be soon in your HOME. Uncle Matthew Cuthbert is coming towards your way.
See you soon, miss Anne Shirley in your next spellbound episode.

With Love,
Your Admirer

* * *

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Happy Writing!🌻

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5 Easy Ways to write a poem for Beginners

If you are searching for how to write a poem/ good poem for beginners then this article will surely help you. Here, you’ll learn 5 easy ways to write a poem for beginners.

Here, you'll learn 5 easy ways to write a poem for beginners.
  1. Express your thoughts: Pen down your feelings whatever it may be anger, love, furious, depression, regretful. Just pen it down in your flow on your diary or mobile notepad. Observe people and nature around you to amplify your inspiration.

  REMEMBER Poetry is a sign of creative and imaginative mind. Writing a poem is not about faking the emotions, it’s about the absorbing the emotions.

2. Read aloud: Once you write down your feelings on paper, now you have to read them again and again. You will get to know your mistakes by yourself, edit them such as grammatical mistakes, tenses and add more significant words which lead to our next point.

If you can add similes, alliteration, or rhymes that’s good for beginner’s level. But a poem can be written in free verse too, where there are no rules, rhyme schemes as compared to the challenging poetic forms.

3. Use of tools: For adding more significant words, you can search its synonyms at thesaurus or Google dictionary. Rhyming websites such as and can be very useful. I use these tools too.

There are numerous sites for haiku checker too- you can count your poems syllable if you experience difficulty in counting. I will share how to write “Haiku” and what I faced difficulty while writing haiku later on. If you want to know, comment and tell me on comment box. Try don’t to overuse the usage of rhyming words, sometimes it spoils the beauty of your poem. So, keep it simple and plain.

4. Connect with other poets: Once you scribble down your thoughts onto paper. It’s time to read other poets and writers. There are different platforms for the community of poets such as –,, Miraquill(formerly Mirakee), WordPress, Google Plus, Wattpad, Instagram. I read and connect with other poets/ writers at WordPress, Mirakee, and Instagram.

On instagram there are several popular poetry pages I follow such as ‘Her Heart Poetry’, ‘By Me Poetry’, ‘Poetry Foundation’, ‘Omypoetry’, ‘Unerase Poetry’.

WordPress helps me to connect with more like-minded people. Besides, Mirakee and other platforms are also best at their own.

5. Prompt Writing: After scribbling, connecting with people. It’s time for “Prompt Writing”. Prompt writing helps you to express your thoughts, imagination in more creative ways. Prompt can be anything it may be a few words, sentences, or images. It helps you to keep track of your writing path.

I know some writers who post prompts, weekly,daily on instagram and WordPress.

Some of them I follow on Instagram- Vaani by Shivani, Arshiya ki Shore, Nudrat, Anonymousxonly By Saakshi Agrawal, OlwenDaisy , Writersday.

WordPress- Some of you have already been familiar to the various prompts started by the Blogger in WordPress. Few of them are:

  1. What Do you See Challenge by Sajde
  2. Saturday Six Word Story Prompt by Shweta Suresh
  3. Eugi’s Prompt by Eugenia
  4. One liner Wednesday by Linda Hill
  5. Stream of Consciousness Saturday by Linda Hill
  6. Three Lines Tales by Sonya
  7. Fandango Flash Fiction Challenge by Fandango
  8. Crimson Creative Challenge by Crispina Kemp
  9. Photo Challenge by Nekreenaj
  10. Reena’s Xploration Challenge by Reena.

 I know these are only few, if you are hosting prompt/s share your prompts challenge here in the comment box. Other bloggers will happy to join in your challenge too.

Thank you :)) I hope you enjoyed it.

NOTE FOR READER: For comment, use browser that’s why I opt for link as post format. I know, there’s problems in my commenting maybe due to migrating my site from to Please, corporate me with this, while I am working on this. 

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Importance of Menstrual Hygiene: Awareness is the key

What is menstrual hygiene?

Menstrual hygiene is a hygienic practice during the time of menstruation that can prevent women from infection in the reproductive and urinary tract.

Elders often make us unaware of these things like the healthy practices of menstrual hygiene.

In India, menstruation is surrounded by myths and misconceptions with a long list of “do’s” and “don’ts” for women. Menstruation and menstrual practices are still encircled by taboos and socio-cultural restriction. All are aware of them obviously, maybe some other time we will discuss them also. Lack of scientific facts, knowledge and menstrual hygiene practices in adolescent girls sometimes, led to many health-related problems and increases the vulnerability of RTI’s (Reproductive Tract Infection).

Various health risks associated with poor menstrual management are explained as follow:

Importance of Menstrual Hygiene

Importance of Menstrual Hygiene

Taking care of your menstrual hygiene during periods/menstruation is as much as important as taking care of your mental health. People often generally ignore mental health problems and afraid to visit a psychologist. I have read somewhere that “Your vagina needs more hygiene than your hands”.

A few reasons why you should maintain good hygiene during menstruation:

  1. Reduced risk of Urinary Tract Infection – Using damp menstrual clothes, or sanitary napkins for more than 5 to 6 hours can act as an excellent environment for the growth of several harmful bacteria’s and yeast. These bacteria can invade your urinary tract including the urethra and urinary bladder which cause painful urination, lower abdominal pain, back pain and fever. These complications can simply be avoided by using clean, hygienic and by a frequent changing of sanitary napkins along with cleaning external genitalia with clean water and mild soap. This only can prevent 97% of such infections.
  2. Reduced incidents of rashes in genitals – Itching, allergy and prolonged wetness can infect your external genitalia and can cause rashes during your menstruation. If sanitary napkins are not changed frequently, vaginal skin may get infected. Usage of Biodegradable sanitary napkins should be preferred over commercially available sanitary pads. As latter one is composed of plastics and SAP which is derived from crude oil, which has the greater potential to cause damage to the vaginal skin and hence they have to be changed frequently as often as possible to prevent allergies and rashes.
  3. Ensuring Good Reproductive Health – Usage of Unhygienic absorbents or improper hygienic practices during periods can result in Reproductive Tract Infection (RTI). The majority of women who used unhygienic methods (such as using the same menstrual clothes after rewashing them, wearing the damp, dirty menstrual clothes all along the day) to collect the menstrual blood in India have greater chances to suffer from RTI. Awareness and access to sanitary pads can prevent these complications.
  4. Minimizing Risk of Cervical Cancer – cervical cancer is caused by the virus, which is transmitted sexually, and unhygienic handling of menstrual waste too can spread the infection easily. Sharing of reusable absorbent pads, not washing hands after changing sanitary pads and lack of hygienic sanitation are some causes that can trigger the risk of developing cervical cancer; although other reasons are responsible.

The table below explains the various types of menstrual absorbents used with their advantages and disadvantages

Importance of Menstrual Hygiene

How do you maintain Hygiene during periods? (The Brief)

  1. Change your pads every 4-5 hours. If you use sanitary napkins to soak the flow during your menstruation, then remember to change it often.
  2.  Clean reusable pads properly. If you are using reusable pads, then clean them with warm water and dried them under the sun. Sun will grab all the bacteria’s present there.
  3. Keep your vaginal area clean. Using warm water and mild soap or vaginal liquid.
  4. Never use two pads simultaneously. I have heard from my friends that they used two pads simultaneously one above the other to prevent heavy bleeding. But, that is not the correct and hygienic way. This will easily invite the bacteria’s and fungi to cause rashes and allergy onto our vaginal skin.
  5. Wear comfortable and clean underwear.


So, menstrual hygiene is important you have all seen that why it should be so preferred which our elders/parents/mother sometimes don’t aware us with these things. Also, with respecting their so-called customs or misconceptions; listen to them and don’t argue with them, things will adjust/change with time always remember that. Do follow the healthy, hygienic practices of menstrual health management and keep your vagina and health free from illnesses.

Last but most important, spread the awareness as much possible as you can.

DID YOU KNOW : MAY 28 is observed as the "Menstruation Hygiene Day" globally.

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A letter to RED

Dear Red,
You know you’re the most beautiful color I have ever seen in my life.
You think that you’re only known for your weaknesses, mood swings, rage and anger. You are so wrong. My dear, you’re much more than what you think.
You’re the color of a rose, that what people know you for, the elegance of frailty like those fragile petals.
You’re known for your color of the befalling September leaves, and how can you forget that the day starts with you only.
Yes dear , the color of rising Sun is none other than the red.
You’re the one who gives meaning to every women, and makes them strong, inspite of all the cramps they inherit.
You’re the one who gives sheer glow to their faces. You should be proud of yourself, that you’re color which unites everyone despite of all the differences. You should be proud to yourself, that you’re the color of Period.

Soulmate, Period !

Somewhat related to my poem *RED* . Click here to read.

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What if the Moon was a person ? Part 1

I was wondering, we always look for the sky at night, the stars, the moon; whenever we feels low, when we have to forget all our pondering thoughts or when we lacks a sleep, we steps ourselves outside the walled room and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Today, I saw something on my Google notes, when I was gathering some ideas for my previous prompt post of #6WSP – Love. Tap here to read.

“Hide me from those piercing eyes”, said the moon to the clouds.

After reading this, I was wondering what if the Moon was a person ..? Umm.. Interesting nah ?

Share your thoughts first, then I’ll share mine ..!

See ya then, take care of yourself and your family members ! Amen.

Blogging Insights – What am I learning

Tanya is the host of the Blogging Insights.


What are you learning (or are you still learning) from your blogging experience ?

No one is perfect in every field. So yes, I am still learning and exploring the magic of Blogosphere.


  1. Before, starting your blog, Know your niche.
  2. Once the niche is decided, work on your content.
  3. As for the content part, I never thought I was good in writing poems, Sajde’s and other bloggers post inspire me to write more.
  4. Consistency is a necessary key
  5. Engage with other bloggers too : Read, comment and share their post. (This is the most important part of the blogging I guess. I learned from them a lot in both ways content wise and technical wise like themes, menus, and widgets.)
  6. Recently, I bought my own domain, I was very afraid to do that. But I wanted to explore something at that time. It deals me to learn and explore more about WordPress like plugins, google indexed , SEO and more of its technical areas. Thou, I lost my followers and some of my posts are not showing on my reader but is available on the website.
  7. At last, I would like to say “Explore yourself and get to know about a little more from your every post”.

Thank you, Share your views too..