जो घट घट रंग बदलते हैं.. By Vinay Kumar Pandey

चापलूसी जिनकी प्रवृत्ति है,
जो औरों के गलत प्रचार करते हैं,
‘काबिल’ का मतलब उन्हें पता नहीं,
उनके प्रतिभा का निर्धारण करते हैं
ऐसे सज्जनों से फिर क्या ताल्लुक
जो पल पल व्यवहार बदलते हैं
जो घट घट रंग बदलते हैं…

©️ विनय कुमार पाण्डेय

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Live Your Dream

Don’t just dream your life, live your dream !

Finally, I bloom,
finally I flourished the way everyone wanted.
I reached those endeavour, that you had expected.
You must be glad by yourself?
Or from myself?
That I had fulfilled your desires.
Finally, I transcends all of them, and attains all your expectations.
You must be happy now ...right ?
Do I listen to my inner self ?
Or do my inner soul content with this conclusion?
I know somewhere,
This triumph will not last for decades..
May be it reflects the sense of external satisfaction.
But, will not discover the wings of my internal satisfaction.
I know,
I will be regretting someday with my own forceful decision.
I will rue those moment, when I had succeeded their expectations.
And will soon passed away, in forlorn
from this divinly fluke sphere,
Like this yellow charming flower,
Which looks enchanting from outside
But later, will dried off as withered leaves.

Conclusion : Don’t just dream your life, live your dream ~ Bob bitchin


What’s your fear says ??

I’ll cope up my fears,
I’ll definitely wins the battle b/w all my fears.
The fear of loosing someone,
The fear of falling in someone’s love,
The fear of breaking off !
The fear of gaining weight,
The fear of hair falling,
The fear of failure & hatred,
The fear of What if’s ??
“What if, if people condemns me ?”
The fear of unacceptance,
The fear of jealousy,
The fear of falling off from the cliff,
The fear of drowning into the deep water,
The fear of unpleasant nightmares, if they’re being true;
The fear of existence,
The fear of loosing myself,
The fear of getting old,
The fear of death,
The fear of not completing my purpose,
The fear of my freedom,
The fear of my justice towards my life,
The fear of truth, and lies ;
and the fear of writing this piece.
Fear cascades in all my veins,
as it challenges me, everything I fear of something and boost my conscience with motivation,
i.e., why I always gratitude my fear and keep in myself knowingly…

@dakshali.gupta (3/09/20)
Unsplash- Sammie Vasquez

According, to me fear is good for one self, but yes excess fear is ofcourse not good for health and mental health. But, the fear we experience in our day to day lifestyle, assist our life towards accomplishments inspite of all hindrance. But, this could happen only when you have elixirs of positiveness.
For example, It is said to be that ‘Prevention is better than cure’ but where that prevention comes from, there’s may be some kind of fear which force us to take care of ourselves.

// This is my views regarding fear, kindly share your views in the comment section and yes, always accept your fear don’t try to escape from it.//

Thank you !

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Let’s be Strangers Again !

Sometimes, it is better to put comma rather than puttin full stop.

Let’s be strangers again,
With disguise faces,
And concealing smiles.

Let’s be strangers again,
With no expectations,
And explanations at all.

Let’s be strangers again,
With no commitments,
Without any disappointments at all.

Let’s re-search our own pride,
Which has rusted in the hopes of expectations.

Let’s again search our happy nerves,
Which lost in the threads of the expectations.

Let’s be strangers again,
Wanting to explore more
and more,
Without any full stop.

Let’s be strangers again,
And Restart our fresh friendship
Where there is no place of Expectations at all.
Only the love matters the utmost.

© Dakshali Gupta
Copyright Reserved !

Sometimes it is better to start the fresh journey rather than being put full stop to that relationship.

Let’s be strangers again, and fall
over LOVE again !🙃

Happy Blogging !🙃

The purpose Of Life

Every soul that came to this World,
Flatter around like hinds,
With clueless minds,
And flawless brains.
Nothing knows which path to entrains.

Every soul that came to this World, Has a purpose given to their life.
All what we have to do is to,
Search for that purpose.
Sometimes, the purpose of our life
Is just in front of us,
Like a happiness allies.
Even then, we can't lead ourselves to follow the lines.

So, to understand those lines;
Just feel the vibes of your soul,
Do the things that makes you delight.
Against all the odds and even.
And, find the reason for your existence.

©Dakshali Gupta
Copyright Reserved !

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The Guilt

Our Word can never be picked
Once it’s thrown.

Our Faith can never be rebuilt,
Once it shattered down.

Our Love can never be regained,
Once it lost.

Our Friendship can never be reclaimed,
Once it’s broken.

Our Hope can never be stayed long,
Once it demoralized.

Our Trust can never be retrieved,
Once we mistrust with it.

Our Decision can never be replaced,
Once it made.

Our Behaviour can never be returned,
Once we act upon it, impatiently.

Our Steps can never be taken back,
Once we had crossed it.

We can’t change the things,
That we had done in the past.

The only we can have is the feeling of Guilt,
That builts over the passage of time.

© Dakshali Gupta

Copyright Reserved !