दिन शुभ हो जाता है
जब ‘सुप्रभात’ सुने जाते हैं।
गजब व्यवहार बनाये जाते हैं
अब ‘सुप्रभात’ पढ़े जाते हैं।

मेल मिलाप कहाँ होता हैं
औपचारिकता निभाये जाते हैं।
ये तो ऑनलाइन का जमाना है
व्यवहार शेड्यूल किये जाते हैं।

© विनय कुमार पाण्डेय

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RISING by Nida Fazal

Nida Fazal


I might rise slightly deferral,
Like the sun in cold .
My dawn is seldom on time,
Like turn not every bud into a flower.
I hold back grudges and scars,
Like a fly hesist entering a web.
Yet my beginnings aren’t scrubbed,
Perhaps are delayed, indeed not denied.
I go numb when encounter with fears,
Like a soul trapped in a lion cave.
My firm goals, I perform out of mind,
Like drunk straight with alcohol.
I am tirelessly struggling and striving,
Like a farmer raising field crops.

Yet my beginnings aren’t scrubbed,
Perhaps are delayed, indeed not denied.
I am a wanderer of hidden places,
Like the ones in search of their reach.
My theme of poetry is survival,
Like the travellers of peak range.
I show none serene looks, inside lies fire,
Like a thirsty dog trying defeating death.
Yet my beginnings aren’t scrubbed,
Perhaps are delayed, indeed not denied.

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Door to Salvation- The Banyan tree

I stumble over door to door in search of salvation and mental peace.
My own soul failed to recognise herself.
The darker side of soul
spread its branches ferociously.
I feel like I was in prison in my own body like some amarbel find it’s host.
After, millions steps and struggles;
that loner Banyan tree amidst  the cocophany streets piqued my curiosity.
It feels like a gateway to heaven.
Pendulum of hope started dancing over my chaotic mind.
I sit beneath it’s warm blanket and smell it’s scents of petrichor.
I feel myself alive again.
Being in hands of mother nature, feels like a home :
warm and divinely wrapped.
A commitment to bequeathes everything finally headed towards ultimatum enlightenment.
I forth to evolve, learn and grow from the the nature everyday
and cherish it’s company!!!

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Door to Salvation- The Banyan tree
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In Response to Eugi’s Weekly Prompt Post – Nature.

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Take a Risk ! – A Poem

Men are jobless,homeless, foodless.
They risk their life,
against all odds & even,
against the pandemic
for survival of their family.
Power veils the secrecy.
Powerful men overcome the powerless.
They risk their respect, diligence
to serve food to their children.
Power rules over humanity; is truly said.
Humanity risk itself to survive.
Men risk themselves to thrive.
Nature risk themselves to arrive.
We all take a risk to rise !!

©DakshaliGupta |9 June 2021
Image courtesy: Pexels

Poem written for d’verse poet hub.

A d’Verse poetics prompt:
Take a risk!

At d’Verse, we were encouraged to explore the theme of risk. Possibilities included –

• tackling difficult subjects;
• laying bare a personal struggle in vivid detail;
• writing on any topic as long the word “risk” is used (perhaps the risk we take falling in love);
• exploring a new writing form that you may find “risky” or unconventional.