you were my unfinished poem

You were my unfinished poem and you weren’t meant for the finished poem.

I used to love your company until or unless something inexplicable happened between Us. I don’t know what it was, maybe it was the ill-effect of the post-pandemic stress that everyone is feeling right now, in their day to day unoccupied occupied schedule.

Or it was when I wrote a poem ‘pretender’ for you. things changed over time. I never thought it was too fast to come by. I remember I wrote forever is a myth, nobody stays forever. everything is ephemeral… I guess, I smelled the fading absence of yours in nearby future.

You know, how I dare to write these by so boldly about you because I know you never read my writings and it easily swept away under your moled nose. you know, I have hated the fact that I loved you. But, just thinking about you keeps my never-changing decision changed. your thoughts remind me that *you were my unfinished poem* and you weren’t meant for the finished poem.

You were my unfinished poem

you are my source of inspiration. every little or less imagination arrives at *the last train to your heart.* and the best part is, it never instil itself to depart, until or unless I feel the feeling of being departure – the feeling of unrealistic togetherness.

Maybe we pretend like everything is the same between us, maybe everything is ephemeral and nobody stays forever. but the feelings I feel for you will always remain the same like the dried precious petals hidden in every next page of the never-ending book. reminding me of that – if one of those petals flew away with the winds; others shall remain and retain with myself.

P.S: it was a never-ending story. My heart wants to write more but I stopped it by doing so…

Thank you !!

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Stay safe.

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PYAAR EK DHOKA HAI/ Love is a Deception

Thought 02 – SUPPORT

Sometimes, we just need someone's support to take care of ourselves, who would always be on your side, boost your mood in your bad days, be with you, just a lil' cuddle would vanish all other problems in a sec.

Sometimes, that someone would be is none other than ourself !
Yes, with time we need learn to  LOVE our pains, struggles, scars, strengths, weaknesses and attain flight with pride and wisdom.

What’s your opinion ?

One-liner Wednesday – drive slowly

Linda is the host of this amazing one liner Wednesday prompt !


I know you're there,
Like the shadow,
Following my every step,
But, I'm not afraid of you.
I have accepted your existence.
Dreams of my future,
Were to be accomplished by my comrade.
I don't want much from my life,
Only I want to help everyone.
Each and every one should be
Content and happy.
From NGO's to Apna Ghar,
I want to help each and everyone.
From helping children to serving grannies,
I want to see that smile on their melancholy faces.
But, I know Comrade,
You're always there for me.
Please follow my dreams in my absence.
And always there for them as an acquaintance.
Now, the time has reached it's endeavour,
Heeds are on their way too.

© Dakshali Gupta

Thank you for reading !💜

Mother’s Love

I heard the yelling of a Cat
Crying like a Man.
For some time,
I got engrossed .
Listened to it carefully,
Is that how cat’s cry ?

Opened the door,
Looked left and right,
Across the gate.
That cat sitting next to my door,
Cries like someone has stolen something precious from her.
As for humans, diamond is considered as precious element.
Do that cat lost her diamond ?
I kept asking to myself, repeatedly.

That cat,
With narrow pupils,
Over her white Iris.
With striped body.
Over her grey skin,
Unnerved me first,
Then melts my fear into condolences.

Searching for her babies,
As told by my mother later.
That was born few days aback.
Mother’s love is always eternal, Isn’t it ?
No matter,
If it’s human or animals.
Mothers are mothers,
There’s no partiality between the two.

©Dakshali Gupta