दिन शुभ हो जाता है
जब ‘सुप्रभात’ सुने जाते हैं।
गजब व्यवहार बनाये जाते हैं
अब ‘सुप्रभात’ पढ़े जाते हैं।

मेल मिलाप कहाँ होता हैं
औपचारिकता निभाये जाते हैं।
ये तो ऑनलाइन का जमाना है
व्यवहार शेड्यूल किये जाते हैं।

© विनय कुमार पाण्डेय

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जो घट घट रंग बदलते हैं.. By Vinay Kumar Pandey

चापलूसी जिनकी प्रवृत्ति है,
जो औरों के गलत प्रचार करते हैं,
‘काबिल’ का मतलब उन्हें पता नहीं,
उनके प्रतिभा का निर्धारण करते हैं
ऐसे सज्जनों से फिर क्या ताल्लुक
जो पल पल व्यवहार बदलते हैं
जो घट घट रंग बदलते हैं…

©️ विनय कुमार पाण्डेय

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That Sunday morning,
With full of enthusiastic faces.
The only day, of 8 hours of outing
That made the life of the hostelers,
Cheerful and cherished.

With countless footprints,
And numerous shakes,
We stepped towards our destination.
That only tree, up above the hills.

Crossing the curves of ridges in the arms of the Aravali,
Gradually, reaching the heights of our dreams.
Creating the memories of life,
In the lap of those uneven rocks,
Touching the skies of our hope.
That only tree, up above the hills,
Which finally enlightened the worn-out faces.

That Sunday morning,
With full of enthusiastic faces,
The only day, of eight hours of outing,
That made the life of a hostelers
Cheerful and cherished.



Life is like river,
just flow through it ,
With ups and down,
Without any Hopes and Expectations.
Let it be what’s going on,
As a flowing of water.
And enjoying the gritty surfaces,
With sparkling splashes of joy.
Tons of pebbles, garbages within itself,
Neither complained  nor compliment,
Just flow, flow and flow.
Without any Hopes and Expectations.
But with a keen observation.
Life is Just like a river isn’t it???

© dakshali27

Generally, we get affected by the negative  energies and forget about the positivities that we have in ourselves and start condemning our life.
Irrespective of condemning it, we should start praising to God for giving us the beautiful life and give value to it.
Everyone in this world faced the ups and down in their life which is essential for them to blooming out of the mud.
No one should give up how big their problem is but should cope with strength and determination.
And keep on flowing, absorbing the positive energies and neglecting the negative one, because that is what we called Life.


A friend is also been indeed to you !

दो दिल क्या जुड़ गए!
जनमें भावनाए अजीब सी।
अभी सोचा ही था इस बारे में,
ना जाने कहां से बजने लगी तरंगे।
इशारा ना किया किसी ने कभी,बस यूं ही अपना बना बैठे थे।
चाहे हो ही दोस्ती वो,
बस अपना बना बैठे थे ।
दोस्ती का बंधन ये,
बिना कुछ पूछे, सब जाने ये।
जाने अंजाने में हुईं बाते,
घर बना बैठें ,एक दूसरे के ज़िन्दगी में।
कैसी अजीब सी होती है ये दोस्ती,
जानकर भी सब कुछ वो,
अनजाना सा बनता है।

©दक्षाली गुप्ता

A good friend is always there for you in your hard times. Generally, no one is so blessed to having a best friend in your life. But having a best friend too is sometimes hard for you to control your feelings… because that connection is so strong that you can’t ignore it..even if you don’t want to express it , it comes out . May be these things sometimes ruin your friendship badly; but in my case, he’s so generous that he understands all things and react accordingly !