The Cafe- First Line Friday: June 18, 2021

Jim and his wife Eva have three sons and one daughter. All children are married and lived separately from their respective families. Jim lends his own house as collateral to one of his sons- Veer to help him in his business. But unfortunately, his business went down and, lost all his money.

First line friday, short fiction, bhagban, amitabh bacchan.

Now, Jim and Eva have no place to live. They hesitate to ask their children because of their arrogant behaviour. Finally, they summon up and asked to them. At last, it was decided that Jim and Era will stay bi-annually with their respective children. But the condition is Eva and Jim have to separately live with their children at different places across the country.

They treated them like some trash living at their house. After years of suffering from their children ill- behaviour, they decided to run away from their children’s home and meet at the common junction with all their luggage carry on.

They’re now staying at Jim’s friend Rayne owner of Cafe cum guest house. Jim loved to write on his typewriter. While sitting alone in the cafe, he spends all his day peacefully. He now spends more time in the cafe. He feels warm and homely at the cafe. Also, Rayne with his wife Samayra helps him a lot while with his griefs.

For Jim, “the cafe began to feel like his only real home”.

Dylan Hughes is the host of First Line Friday. This week’s prompt alternates with Jim’s Music Prompts, so make sure to check back next Friday for some musical inspiration. Thank you Dylan for hosting such a inspiration prompt challenge.

Line of the week : The cafe began to feel like her only real home.

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P.s : Inspired from Amitabh Bachchan's Movie- Bhagban 2003.

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