“सरसों के खेत” By Vinay Kumar Pandey

हाथों में टिकट लिये,
शहर के तंग सड़कों पर खड़ा हूँ,
धुओं के बादलों में सिर्फ
ट्रैफिक सिग्नल की रोशनी दिखाई देते हैं..

‘सरसों’ तो सिर्फ लिखे हुए मिलते हैं
विज्ञापनों में छपे,
दीवारों पर टंगे हुए मिलते हैं,
पीले फूलों से भरे, खेत कहाँ दिखाई देते हैं..

~ विनय पाण्डेय

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Door to Salvation- The Banyan tree

I stumble over door to door in search of salvation and mental peace.
My own soul failed to recognise herself.
The darker side of soul
spread its branches ferociously.
I feel like I was in prison in my own body like some amarbel find it’s host.
After, millions steps and struggles;
that loner Banyan tree amidst  the cocophany streets piqued my curiosity.
It feels like a gateway to heaven.
Pendulum of hope started dancing over my chaotic mind.
I sit beneath it’s warm blanket and smell it’s scents of petrichor.
I feel myself alive again.
Being in hands of mother nature, feels like a home :
warm and divinely wrapped.
A commitment to bequeathes everything finally headed towards ultimatum enlightenment.
I forth to evolve, learn and grow from the the nature everyday
and cherish it’s company!!!

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Door to Salvation- The Banyan tree
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In Response to Eugi’s Weekly Prompt Post – Nature.

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you were my unfinished poem

You were my unfinished poem and you weren’t meant for the finished poem.

I used to love your company until or unless something inexplicable happened between Us. I don’t know what it was, maybe it was the ill-effect of the post-pandemic stress that everyone is feeling right now, in their day to day unoccupied occupied schedule.

Or it was when I wrote a poem ‘pretender’ for you. things changed over time. I never thought it was too fast to come by. I remember I wrote forever is a myth, nobody stays forever. everything is ephemeral… I guess, I smelled the fading absence of yours in nearby future.

You know, how I dare to write these by so boldly about you because I know you never read my writings and it easily swept away under your moled nose. you know, I have hated the fact that I loved you. But, just thinking about you keeps my never-changing decision changed. your thoughts remind me that *you were my unfinished poem* and you weren’t meant for the finished poem.

You were my unfinished poem

you are my source of inspiration. every little or less imagination arrives at *the last train to your heart.* and the best part is, it never instil itself to depart, until or unless I feel the feeling of being departure – the feeling of unrealistic togetherness.

Maybe we pretend like everything is the same between us, maybe everything is ephemeral and nobody stays forever. but the feelings I feel for you will always remain the same like the dried precious petals hidden in every next page of the never-ending book. reminding me of that – if one of those petals flew away with the winds; others shall remain and retain with myself.

P.S: it was a never-ending story. My heart wants to write more but I stopped it by doing so…

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Dancing light

She smiled,
as the sun glanced on her face.
After the hazy,
tired, distressful night.
She smiled, again.

The first rays of Sun is like a
lagoon of overflowing HOPE to her.
The scarlet hues of over rising sun,
overcome the darkness by photons.
that allowed her to get hypnotized by the horizon, in no time.


She glows like a radiance of full moon,
In the light of the photons.
Forgetting her scars for a while,
praising her blemishes of life,
and accepting her existence of living.

Looking at the sky,
she stood arose, uplift herself with sac of positivity,
looked outside the balcony, and
smile 🙂
as if rays are flirting with her.
She then, glanced to the Sun, whose rays by then,
are playing with her curly frizzy hairs.

She widened her lips,
eradicating all types of weeds from her life, and brought a blushing smile over her round face.
Red rosy dimples on her cheeks, is the witnesses of her smile.

She thanked Universe for giving such a beautiful life to her.
After all, she is a ‘ Helophilic ‘.
How can she forget to adore the Sun,
who adorn her life the best, out of waste.

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Live Your Dream

Don’t just dream your life, live your dream !

Finally, I bloom,
finally I flourished the way everyone wanted.
I reached those endeavour, that you had expected.
You must be glad by yourself?
Or from myself?
That I had fulfilled your desires.
Finally, I transcends all of them, and attains all your expectations.
You must be happy now ...right ?
Do I listen to my inner self ?
Or do my inner soul content with this conclusion?
I know somewhere,
This triumph will not last for decades..
May be it reflects the sense of external satisfaction.
But, will not discover the wings of my internal satisfaction.
I know,
I will be regretting someday with my own forceful decision.
I will rue those moment, when I had succeeded their expectations.
And will soon passed away, in forlorn
from this divinly fluke sphere,
Like this yellow charming flower,
Which looks enchanting from outside
But later, will dried off as withered leaves.

Conclusion : Don’t just dream your life, live your dream ~ Bob bitchin


#Pleiades 3

Sitting beside lakeside,
staring at the stars zenith,
shifting sallowism at the horizon
secluded myself, away from the society.
Sailing under the remembrance of thy?
Silently curbing myself, in
search of my inner soul.

This is a Pleiades form of poetry.

A Pleiades poem has only one word in the title followed by a seven line stanza . The first word of each line begins with the same letter as the title.

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Ours Anasagar Lake – 1

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Let’s get Lost

I dreams of to dream !

Let’s get lost,
besides that bush of bougainville.
Let’s get lost,
where the butterflies betokens.
Let’s get lost,
to the unending streets.
Let’s get lost,
where the soothing song dwells.
Let’s get lost,
where I could cultivate my barren   
Let’s get lost,
to discover the undiscover version of myself.

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Street to my Soul

I walk through the streets,
Without any destination to go,
Just stepping my foot,
Where the wind whispers to the trees. Step by step,
Foot by foot,
I went to the numerous of streets, Where I have never visited.

I walk through the streets,
Without any destination to go,
Just stepping my foot,
Where the butterflies indicates me to go,
Step by step,
Foot by foot,
I crossed through the beautiful places, Where no one has visited.

I walk through the streets,
Without any destination to go,
Just stepping my foot,
Where the beats of the music flow, Following the beat of my heart,
and rhythm of my soul,
Discover the undiscovered part of my own.

©Dakshali Gupta
Copyright Reserved !

“A Tale of the Pigeons”

Sun on the head
With beams on the foot,
Bush on the edge
With rose on the floor.

Sun on the head,
With eagles on the sky.
Pigeons on the edge,
With grains on the floor.
Eyes on the grain,
With summon up the courage.
Finally, achieved its own battle.

Sun on the head,
With cat on its way,
Screwed up the pigeon’s endeavour !

© Dakshali Gupta
Copyright Reserved !

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