Dancing light

She smiled,
as the sun glanced on her face.
After the hazy,
tired, distressful night.
She smiled, again.

The first rays of Sun is like a
lagoon of overflowing HOPE to her.
The scarlet hues of over rising sun,
overcome the darkness by photons.
that allowed her to get hypnotized by the horizon, in no time.


She glows like a radiance of full moon,
In the light of the photons.
Forgetting her scars for a while,
praising her blemishes of life,
and accepting her existence of living.

Looking at the sky,
she stood arose, uplift herself with sac of positivity,
looked outside the balcony, and
smile 🙂
as if rays are flirting with her.
She then, glanced to the Sun, whose rays by then,
are playing with her curly frizzy hairs.

She widened her lips,
eradicating all types of weeds from her life, and brought a blushing smile over her round face.
Red rosy dimples on her cheeks, is the witnesses of her smile.

She thanked Universe for giving such a beautiful life to her.
After all, she is a ‘ Helophilic ‘.
How can she forget to adore the Sun,
who adorn her life the best, out of waste.

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Author: dakshali27

A women who's still searching her wisdom via art.

22 thoughts on “Dancing light”

    1. Yes, I’m trying to live life happily. Thank you so much 😊 I hope you’re great. Idk, why yours msg jumped into spam section 🙄…well, thanks a lot buddy 🙃❤️

  1. Ufff it’s so so so beautiful poem. You have penned it amazing. Wow 💓💓 .my suggestions to improve your poem is be happy 😁 and lets these kind of beautiful thought run through your mind 😄😄

  2. Beautiful poem dakshali.

    I loved the usage of

    Rays flirting
    Sun playing with hairs..

    Keep writing. Keep reading..

    1. Oh….man…I don’t know that this poem is so magnificent at all😂😂
      Btw, thank you for your appreciation. I’m glad that you liked my poem. I’ll definitely soon come up with the new poem !😇🌻

      1. It’s magnificent….if I read it at a different depth….with a certain frequency….it says much more than what’s written 😊✨

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