A friend is also been indeed to you !

दो दिल क्या जुड़ गए!
जनमें भावनाए अजीब सी।
अभी सोचा ही था इस बारे में,
ना जाने कहां से बजने लगी तरंगे।
इशारा ना किया किसी ने कभी,बस यूं ही अपना बना बैठे थे।
चाहे हो ही दोस्ती वो,
बस अपना बना बैठे थे ।
दोस्ती का बंधन ये,
बिना कुछ पूछे, सब जाने ये।
जाने अंजाने में हुईं बाते,
घर बना बैठें ,एक दूसरे के ज़िन्दगी में।
कैसी अजीब सी होती है ये दोस्ती,
जानकर भी सब कुछ वो,
अनजाना सा बनता है।

©दक्षाली गुप्ता

A good friend is always there for you in your hard times. Generally, no one is so blessed to having a best friend in your life. But having a best friend too is sometimes hard for you to control your feelings… because that connection is so strong that you can’t ignore it..even if you don’t want to express it , it comes out . May be these things sometimes ruin your friendship badly; but in my case, he’s so generous that he understands all things and react accordingly !

Author: dakshali27

A women who's still searching her wisdom via art.

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  1. Truly beautiful expression for a best friend. We can have all the relations in our life, but no one can replace the place of a true friend. Not even a girlfriend/boyfriend.

    I remember last night only I was in sleep but something was bothering me and I called up my best friend and she consoled me that gave me a peaceful sleep.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yeah ! No one can replace tha place of a true friend. And I should be grateful of you to sharing such your moments. And yeah keep on commenting ..it boosts me to keep on writing !🙂

  2. दक्षाली मतलब ? जो दक्ष हो । पहली बार सुना ये नाम । 👍👍 good luck

    1. Yeah ! It is so different and often someone have heard this name so far, but sometimes I felt so low because of my name …. because it’s so different and I felt so separated fr this world.
      Btw I’m glad that you liked my name☺️
      It’s being so nice of you ! You too have a great luck !

  3. यह बहुत ही प्यारी कविता है…..पुरानी यादें ताजा हो गई😊

  4. Nicely written beautifully expressed. Best friends are the oneto whom we can anytime express our emotions … Good to know that you have a good best friend 😀

        1. Of course…It would be..
          Thank you so much Anushree…that you think so 🤗🤗🤗
          Abhi to Insta use nhi kr rhi..aur na kisi dusre social media me hun…but jrurt hm kbhi na kbhi to milenge hi !😊😊.
          Thank you so much…for all your appreciation and immense words, it really means a lot me 💙💙💙💙🤗
          Have a sweet dreams !💙

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