Endemic Nature

That mumbling of leaves,
Hiding behind thin breeze.

That waving of flowers,
Merry go round around the leaves.

That whispering of grass,
Trying to buzz in front of bees.

That nimbleness of frisky gray,
Playing with the grits of soil.

How exuberant is this moment !
With one wave of breeze,
Everything appeared to be a magic,
Which Soothes the  pain,
Enriches  it with blossoms,and
Blooming it into the world of dreams.

© Dakshali27

The word endemic means, it is found in only particular areas. I have named the titles endemic nature because in this hectic life, everyone used to  avoid the beauty of nature. Only the person who used to see that beauty apart from their day to day life is being endemic to them.

Author: dakshali27

A women who's still searching her wisdom via art.

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    1. Thanks a lot that you liked it. And thanks for reblogging my post ! I have been so grateful for your efforts ! Keep visiting ☺️

    1. Thank you for your precious words Sumit ….sir( May be I would preferably consider you as Sir ..coz you motivated me so much with your kind words and yes being older than me😅)

      1. Age doesn’t actually matter, I’m older to someone and younger to some other. What matters is how much are we making impact on our fraternity.

        And to make you motivated enough is my job being a blogger. What’s the use of my years of experience then?

        1. Yeah, you’re right Sumit. Fraternity is the most link in all this.
          Truly saying, you are doing your job so brilliantly and honestly.
          Within a few days, I have learned so many things from you and from so many bloggers.☺️

    1. Thanks a lot that you observed it too !

      You are the one who noticed the title first…Hahahah…

      I don’t know what to named this poem, and then suddenly the word Endemic came to my mind… And I thought May be endemic nature could perfectly can define it…..

  1. I love this poem and it’s clever title.

    Nice to meet you.

    I have a really big tree in my front yard. It is right outside a glass sunroom where I have my chai every morning. I call it the United Nation tree because it has so many different bird nests in it. The birds species come and go with the seasons and they all live peacefully together. I enjoy listening to their songs while having my morning chai. Your poem reminds me of my daily experience with the tree and it’s avian residents. 🌞

    1. Thank you !

      Wow, it’s really such a great moment.

      Thanks for sharing your side story,
      Sometimes I just want to listen to those chirping, watching squirrel’s playfulness manner.
      It’s so much relieving and soothing seeing them.

      Good to know that this poem reminds it to your daily experience.

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