FOREVER IS A LIE | Novoneel Chakrobarty

🥀 We choose to fall in love with our interpretation of a person and not the person himself. We drown out  all voices that contradict our interpretation. As a result when the relationship ends and we see the person the way he is, in startling clarity, we are shocked and left with nothing but remorse.

🥀 People leave but the ghost of a dead relationship hovers over the one who loved genuinely. It keeps coming back to haunt every time one thinks one has conquered emotionally. She turned to look up at the clear morning sky and realised that it would be a daunting task to get rid of this ghost.

🥀 It seems so special that at first you get lost in its cover, knowing fully well that the real magic lies inside. Then you start reading it and you feel that you can relate to every word every emotion. You finish the book, but realize that the story can never end in you. You swear you haven’t read such a book before, and you never will you keep the book in a special corner of your bookshelf reading and rereading it on a daily basis, discovering things you missed during the first read, making new interpretations. And then one day you can’t find the book on the shelf it has disappeared. But where ? You don’t know. All that you are left with is a question:  did you really read the book or was it just a dream?

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