Scary Nights by Hardik Manik

This poem is the result of the voices of the sleepless writer who struggle himself to attain a beauty sleep.

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It was full moon night,
I was not having any fright.
Then my eyes go towards a sight,
Which was unusually bright.

I took courage to walk,
Sense like my legs are locked.
Something started climbing through my socks,
Lost it when heared shrieks of foxes.

Chanting mantras of Lord Rama,
It keeps away from karma.
Noises started amplifying from behind the rocks,
It was something out of the box.

The moment i turned around,
My face got a wound.
I was half blind,
Put pressure on my mind.

And I was saved,
Now I awake.
Mum slapped me as I was getting late,
This nightmare really increased my heart-rate.

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Author: dakshali27

A women who's still searching her wisdom via art.

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