Heartache and difficult Love: Prose

Heartache does wonders in my chaotic mind. I wish I could say how much I love you that sometimes I wanted to leave you. I was afraid of the unwelcome pain that comes by.

I tried innumerable tries, to kept you against me, I tried several tricks to break our bond-whatsoever bond we possess till. Yet, crystals of my fate, our fate held ourselves firmly for each hard phase we cross. Our bond grew stronger by each passing phase we pass.

I must say, I found peace in your pain. The pain of loving you, the pain of remembrance  passive past or the pain of fear of losing you. Yet, I found peace in YOUR pain. May be my sugar coated scars are deeper than the open cuts. But, it does wonders in the midnight silence. A heart which is full of dread too blooms in your minty memories. Must say, heartache does wonders in my majestic mind!!!


Author: dakshali27

A women who's still searching her wisdom via art.

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