Is Forever a Myth?

couple holding hands

Forever is a myth, nobody stays forever. Everyone, everything is EPHEMERAL. No one stays for too long.

The sun will rise again . There’s hope . There’s faith. Therefore, happy things, good person, any substance, any relationship are not made forever. They have a lasting point in once life. They are meant to accelerate the specific moment in once life. They have a specific reason to, that’s why they came to our life. But that’s specific is not forever ever.They are for now.

Any or how beautiful a flower may be, it doesn’t matter at all. They have to wither. They have to wither to alive again. See, they also are not forever.

Then why do we even expect as a person to be forever!? When forever things are not even existed in the nature.

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Author: dakshali27

A women who's still searching her wisdom via art.

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