Let the words be Fly

Let the words be fly
To the breeze,
From the clouds,
Over the hills.
Below the seas,
Across the roads,
Along the bridges,
Behind the bushes.
In front of friend
Behind the foe .
Above the hesitation,
Speak the word.
Over the lie,
From the truth,
Across the soul.
Let the words be fly.

© dakshali 🌸

Author: dakshali27

A women who's still searching her wisdom via art.

7 thoughts on “Let the words be Fly”

    1. Thanks, Marya that you liked it.
      Yeah, you are right, but here I wanted to say that sometimes we can’t have a conversation with our loved ones. We only talks with them in our minds but can’t just have the courage to say the same.So, the let the words be fly….
      But because of you I came to know that this poem can be taken in others ways tooo…
      Thanks a lot for this.

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