Letter to Anne Shirley

Dear little Anne with ‘E’

You know you’re far more than brave, anything ever could have imagined about.
You’re profusely embedded with full of imagination and spirited hope. I like or I’d say I loved every time you talk about your occult imagination. I loved the way how you convert plain things/moments into the most wonderful and delightful meaning with your occult imagination. I loved the way when you said, ” I wish I was the seagull, the most carefree of all the birds”.

Anne with an ‘E’ a Netflix Web Series

I know you like “imagining more than remembering”. Still, the fragments of your devastating and dreadful flashbacks hold with you are present. Princess Cordelia. You’re the prettiest thing I have ever seen after ‘Bridgerton’, ‘Emily in Paris’  or that cute lil’ hybrid child in ‘Sweet Tooth’. You’re like as wild roses. Wild, free enriched with a uniquely spirited and pure bewitching soul as pink as the colour of wild roses. I like the white cherry blossom tiara you wore when you lived in your fantasy world of Queen and Hope of living.

I just watched you for the first time, and in the first episode, you enraptured me and spread your magic of imagination into mine. I think we’re much alike and I pretty sure knew, there’s not another hope gone. Not this time. You will be soon in your HOME. Uncle Matthew Cuthbert is coming towards your way.
See you soon, miss Anne Shirley in your next spellbound episode.

With Love,
Your Admirer

* * *

Thank you for reading.

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    1. Aww . that’s so sweet of you dear. Thank you for your appreciation. Much obliged 🥺💜.
      You too have a wonderful blog. Followed you!✨

              1. Well I can’t reveal my real name😔. I blog to let my heart out and some secrets too so I do not reveal my name😶. I hope you understand!!
                You can call me skyline, sister😊❤

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