Letter to Heart from Brain

My dear heart,

Oh poor, cold blooded heart. I know you’re overloaded with emotions, imaginary self- made emotions. You’re looking for freedom now, but can’t find your way. Remember thee heart, you’re a cold blooded heart. You can adjust in any circumstances. You’re made to fit into any difficult situation.

I am the reason of thy depths of despair you’re suffering with. But, I’ll promise you I will find a peace in veins of thy delicate layer. I know you weighed a lil’ more than yesterday. You have been so much harsh to yourself by  weighing the grief and despair created by my figments of imagination.

Being an imaginative, and over thinking person, I often perhaps dis obliged you. I sometimes or perhaps often messes with my own thoughts and action. I heard yesterday in Anne with an ‘E’, a Netflix series that “Adversity can be a blessing“. Maybe something, hidden with these messed up thoughts.

Please, forgive me my friend. I know I am the reason behind your immense grief and despair, the reason for being an imaginative and over thinking person is the reason for your pain. I cannot see you in this pathetic tragedy anymore..

O dear, cold blooded heart, you’re brave and smart as I am. Yet, I shall try my best to give thy comforts back.

With love,
Yours messy Brain


Thank you for reading.


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A women who's still searching her wisdom via art.

32 thoughts on “Letter to Heart from Brain”

  1. I am not so active on wordpress these days ,so commenting late on this but anyway.. you have again nailed it like always superb work it’s like I can hear brain saying this to heart ..🔥

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