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I have read this book ” The Zahir” few weeks back. And even now I’m am very much inspired with this book.

The book always has been our best friends and teaches us in our daily life thoroughly.

So, here are some lines of this book that adores me very much.

1.  LOVE is an untamed force.

     When we try to control it, it desroys
     When we try to imprison it, it
     enslaves us.
     When we try to understand it, it
     leaves us feeling lost and confused.

6.  I don’t regret the painful times; I
     bare my scars as if they were

7.  Don’t expect to get anything back,
     Don’t expect recognition for your
     Don’t expect your genius to be
    discovered or your love to be
    ACT because you need to ACT.

8.  Freedom is not the absence of
     commitment, but the ability to
     choose and commit myself to what
     is best for me.

9. When you want something, all
     the universe conspires in helping
     you achieve it.


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  1. The most important thing in
           human relationship is
           But people don’t talk anymore,
           they don’t sit down to talk and
           They go to theatre, the cinema,
           watch television, listen to the
           radio, read books but they almost
           never TALK.
    I love this statement because it is so true. The more my family talks together, the closer we become.
    Paulo Coelho is a great author. I loved “The Alchemist” and I can’t wait to read this book. Thank you for posting.

    1. Ya! Conversation is the key to any relationship..Since the day I have read this book ‘The Zahir’. Paulo Coelho is my fav. author..I also want to read this book but recently I have been reading “The Fault in our Stars” Would soon read “The Alchemist” after this…
      Thanks a lot for sharing your review !

      1. Yes . True but they way you summarize your learning …Shows you have great understanding about life . You got beautiful heart and soul . I am touched .

  2. A very much enjoyed the quotes/observations you selected from “The Zahir”. All except #9. While desire and drive often produce results, I cannot agree that the universe is sentient and willing to assist in our endeavors. God, on the other hand, is deeply concerned w/ our welfare. <3

    1. Yeah, Anna may be you are right.
      Ofcourse, desires and hardwork are required.
      I’ll not try to condemning your views.
      I have experienced in my daily life, that’s why when I went through these lines ,it seems so magical to me.

    1. Yeah, you are right.

      Everything happens to be a reason. And alway teaches us great lessons either bitter or sweet…Haha..

      Thank for being visiting my page !

      It mean a lot to me..
      Thank you!

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