Little Grace

Five little stars
Revolving around the mars
With pink on the head,
And green on the shade.
Carrying three little daughters
On the way to their universe.
That bunch of periwinkles,
Which removes all the wrinkles.
With blush on the cheeks ,
And smile on the face.
Melts the heart
With rays of it’s grace.


Author: dakshali27

A women who's still searching her wisdom via art.

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              1. Btw,I was just pulling your leg…
                I mean I was just kidding…
                Thank you for liking my blog…
                Keep supporting dear…
                I hope you have a great day…..

              2. Thank you so much…
                Also,thanks for Nominating me for the Award..
                It will take some time for me to post about the same…
                I hope you understand..

              3. No problem dear !
                Take your time.
                Yes, I can understand , I don’t force my self to write it only happens if I want .
                So, please don’t feel sorry for that,it is alright.
                Btw, you are from India itself na ?

              4. Thank you so much for understanding dear……
                Really means a lot to me…
                Thats true I agree to you….
                Yes I am from India.What about you?

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