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Why dreams are meant for men only ? 
Do women don't have their dreams ?
Why they have to change their life after marriage ?
Why they have to scatter their dreams after marriage ?

Why does her own personality have no meaning to her own life ?
Why do we have to hide ourself behind those Masks,
Which world wants to see them as every another women.
And why do women have to accept those chains, and wear those masks.

Why do we have to hide our scars everywhere and everytime .
Why do we have to wear our fears in our sleeves.
Sleeves are known for it's pride,
Not for their fears after all.

Why dreams are meant for men only ?
Do women don't have their own pride ?
Why do women have to be answerable everytime any shits happens ?
And why the hell,
We have to play the roles of so many characters,
but still get the term "trivial" by the society.
Why dreams are meant for men only ?

If this is the definition of marriage,
I'll never ever gonna married to anyone in my life.

In response to What do you see # 42 By Sajde.

Thank you !!

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Author: dakshali27

A women who's still searching her wisdom via art.

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  1. Yes, you go girl. Women are more important than men and they should know it too. Very well said. Thanks for joining in the challenge

  2. Both men and women have their dreams. Their partner should have such qualities. More just dreams.. it’s their right to be loved, cared respected. That’s why it’s said merrages are held at heaven

    1. Yeah… you’re right …
      But, most of the times women have to drop their dreams after marriage or after having a baby… Respect, care and love is given by the partner…no doubt…but the proper support which is to be given at right time is misplaced somewhere….
      I am just saying these things which I have seen in the society .. it’s not my personal experience …😂😂

      1. Yes…but changes are happening around us. Women are getting more opportunity. Women are free to choose what they want. Mindset of society is changing…

        1. Yeah doubt that changes are happening..and society is changing day by day..but, still there are many who have such frivolous thinking and this is just a small effort to against all these.

          Thank you for sharing your thoughts 🙂

          1. But what we have to do is to change our inferior or complex.. men says women are inferior to men and some women believes the same. Some women argues that women are superior to men. No one is inferior/ superior in this world. Man will definitely respect woman if he loves his mother and sister and woman will definitely respect men if she loves his father and brother.

  3. Guten Tag.

    Die Mutter bettet
    ein Leben lang
    ihr Kind in ihren Traum

    Die Träume der Mädchen
    der Frauen
    überdachen Himmel
    und Erde

    Die Knaben
    und Männer
    in dieser Welt
    nie erwachsen werden

    Es ist gut
    wenn die Frauen
    ihre Seele
    den Männern
    nicht entblössen

    Die Frau gibt
    der Welt
    das wirkliche Leben

    Herzliche Grüße
    Hans Gamma


    Good day.

    The mother embeds
    a life long
    her child in her dream

    The girls’ dreams
    the women
    roof sky
    and earth

    The boys
    and men
    in this world
    never grow up

    It is good
    when the women
    her soul
    the men
    not bare

    The woman gives
    of the world
    real life

    Kind regards
    Hans Gamma

  4. Great article! I actually fell into this category after years of marriage and being a mom. I don’t believe it was an expectation, but I slowly begin to realize it was happening. For our entire marriage, my husband and I were both working, but while I was making sure everything was going okay with the house and the children, he was living his dreams, going back to school, building a business, etc. Finally, I decided to make a change and after 18 years of working for Corporate America, we decided once we no longer had any debt and the mortgage was paid off, I could stay home and start living my dreams. I am finding myself again and loving it! I would definitely suggest to other women, not to fall into this same category. Always be aware of who you are and what you want. You can do that and still be married, have kids and enjoy your life. It just takes work and balance.

  5. Thank you so much, Mam for sharing your experience.
    And thanks for the advice… I’m still defining what type of women I’m becoming and what I want to be…. Crucial phases of my life..still has time.. I’m still figuring out.
    Thank you again for sharing !
    Bless you !💙

  6. Dear dakshali,

    Men have their dreams

    Women have their dreams

    After marriage, their dreams should be common. For this to happen, they must choose their partner wisely.

    If not done, one of them has to lead a discontented life.

    A boy or a girl must choose such a partner who shares, supports their mutual dreams, who can offer food for each others egos. Such considerations as physique, beauty, wealth, family, academics, job security, language, region are superficial considerations. Marriage is not for physical union. It is for mental and spiritual reunion.

    I read somewhere that

    If two young people of opposite sexes can laugh together they can live together.

    Partners should be friends and not be possessive of one another.

    If a partner cries with you, then it is hell. An ideal partner should energise you when you are down, not go down with you.

    Once again,

    Men have their dreams

    Women have theirs

    After marriage, they must have common dreams. That chemistry is to be decided before marriage.

    1. Thank you so much, sir for your valuable time and this extraordinary feedback….

      I have just said so.. because these are the things I have seen around in my family, societ, movies…..

      And there’s a enough time in my marriage, so may be I get to understand these things later nicely…

      I know you’re absolutely right sir.. I totally agree with you…..

      Thank you so much, sir for sharing your valuable feedback, I’ll take care of these things in future 😇

      1. Yes dakshali. Its my prayer for you and for every would be couple.

        When there is peace in the family, there will be Peace in the world.

        Best Wishes.

  7. Great prose. I recently wrote a blog article about marriage. The institution of marriage has evolved over the year. In the beginning, it was purely designed to promote the survival and economic prosperity of both families. During the Victorian era, romantic love became viewed as the primary requirement for marriage and couples spent a huge amount of time and energy in the rituals of courting and finding romantic ways to express their love, affection, and loyalty to their chosen ones. In this modern era, the institution of marriage is evolving into a third stage, also known as the self-expressive marriage. Nowadays, marriage revolves around self-expression, we seek not just love but mutual personal growth. We want partners who are able and willing to help us explore our feelings and our identity, partners who can help us bring out our most authentic selves. Feel free to check my article –

    1. Oh…glad to hear that . It’s just my views on marriage through poetry. I am glad you reached me out. This issue is experiencing all over in the world, I thought earlier only India is facing these types of issues..

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