Ours Anasagar Lake – 1

There’s also another version of this poem, I was confused which one is much better.. but both are beautiful in its own way..! So, I’ll post in another round . Till then, stay safe & take care of your loved ones.

Thank-you !💙

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0 thoughts on “Ours Anasagar Lake – 1”

  1. Oh, Dakshali, this reminded me of my college days, when we use to go to Anasagar lake and sit there in the evenings and sometimes for morning walks at the circuit house, it is one best thing in the Ajmer.

    Beautiful poem!

    1. Wow…you have completed your college from Ajmer, that’s so great…
      It’s like I’m feeling some connections with you….such a small world… I also used to go the Chaupati in evenings and at morning walks….
      Yeah..Ajmer Is well known for this place.

      Thank you so much, for the appreciation for the poem.

  2. So beautiful lake, na.
    You know , I was guessing its location in south India as per name but you have mentioned and confusion got away.
    … I googled it too to find more n more pics 🥰. Sweet indeed.
    Your describing way is also awesome.

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