कैसी है ये दास्तान
ना समझे,ना समझ पाए।
आवारा सा,
अंजाने सा
एहसास लिए।

कितनी सच्चाई इसमें,
कितनी अच्छाई इसमें,
कोई ना जाने ।
ख्वाहिश उसे जानने की,
या ना जानने की,
समझ ना पाए।

कैसी है ये दास्तान
ना समझे, ना समझ पाए।

समझ ना पाए ,
बदलते मौसम को,
कभी सफेद सी रोशनी,
कभी अमलतास सी पीली।
अरबों रंगो को लिए,
वर्धमान चांद ये।

हज़ारों आवेश लिए,
गुमनाम सा ये सितारा।
मतबली सा एहसास लिए,
कुछ उलछे से ये दास्तान,
ना समझे, ना समझ पाए।

कैसी है ये दास्तान,
ना समझे, ना समझ पाए।

© dakshali

Wildlife Week celebration

Live and let Live

Everyone has the right to live ,
Don’t seize others life, you don’t owe it.

Let the words be Fly

Let the words be fly
To the breeze,
From the clouds,
Over the hills.
Below the seas,
Across the roads,
Along the bridges,
Behind the bushes.
In front of friend
Behind the foe .
Above the hesitation,
Speak the word.
Over the lie,
From the truth,
Across the soul.
Let the words be fly.

© dakshali 🌸


Inspiration comes from the little things of life 🙂. Here that shoots play the role of this inspiration🌸

Dark night,
With showers of rain.🌧️
Sizzling lights,
Coming from leaves
Of gliding drops,
Soothes the eyes
In windy night.
With full of selfies,
Making life easy- breezy.
Bubbly shoots
In bracing night,
Allures all my heart away.
Making the day best
On it’s own.🍃

© dakshali 🌸

याद करके तो देखो🌸

Let’sthe selfless love

अंधेरे में तो सब जीते है,
कभी उजाला बन के तो देखो।

चांद सितारे तो सब देखते है,
कभी आंखों का तारा बन के तो देखो ।

मुश्किलों में तो सब याद करते भगवान को,
कभी दोस्तों को तो याद करके देखो।

©dakshali 🌸


So, we went to Aravali hills at the time of rainy season and on the way I saw there kind of grasshopper.

Full of adventures,
On rainy Sun-day,
Way to Aravali,
Into a misty peak.
With happy faces,🙃
Into the forsaken ridge.
Soothing wind,
Tranquilizes all the pain.
Leaving behind the past,
Forgetting future
And striking vibes of
Exotic souvenirs,
As a Picnomorph,
Sitting beside the Calotropis,
Gazing the Divine planet,
On all it’s Hazy day.




Nature always inspire you to write.🙃

Tiny little flower,
Drew my soul away🍃
Far from the hectic life,
Into the whorl of pink
Full of craze into the greenary maze


© Dakshali Gupta


Tiny white flowers
Surrounded by vivid,
coloured bracts.
People called them as flowers.🌼
But are Bracts(leaves).
Alike those Hazy hindrance,
Surrounded around vivid,
colourful life.
People called them as adversity,
But are opportunities in Life.
Those breathtaking shades of
Blushing orange and
Charming red,
Implies the existence of Life.
Inspite being those of tricky thorns,
Forged to own a sword,
Slashed the thorns of life .

© दक्षाली गुप्ता🌼


ज़िन्दगी के इस सफ़र में ,कभी रोया ना था ।

ना जाने कैसे सीखा मैंने रोना ।

सबकी ज़िन्दगी इतनी खूशनसीब कहां!

सुनना चाहें, हर घड़ी।

आजमाया मैंने भी ये माया,

कोई फिर कभी ना आया।

ज़िन्दगी हसीन है मेरे दोस्त,

रोने रुलाने की क्या जरूरत।

बस तू जी ले अपनी ज़िन्दगी,

ना जाने कब, मिले नसीब।

© दक्षाली 🌸

रोना - शिकायते


That vivid smile,
Sparkling teeth,
Striking memories,
Vowed not to forget you.
The only souvenir I have,
behind my blue’s life.