My heart breathes when you’re around me,
My lungs get pumps when you’re surrounds me,
My diaphragm fills with the aroma of your presence.

My nerves got excited seeing you around.
My eyes got stuck around you only,
The only I can see is,
You, you and you only.

Everywhere I can only smell,
The aroma of your perfume.
That indicates the presence of your.

My heart also breathes when you’re not around me.
The aroma of your perfume,
Is enough for me to breathe.

My lungs also get pumps when you’re not surrounds me,
The aroma of your perfume,
Is enough for my lungs to pump.

The aroma of your perfume,
Is enough for my each organs
To exist on it’s own.

Because the only souvenir I have,
Is the aroma of your presence only.

© Dakshali Gupta

Copyright Reserved !

Author: dakshali27

A women who's still searching her wisdom via art.

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      1. That’s what we needed. Our mind/ heart will not betray us. So share what your mind/ heart says. Only good people can do this

      2. So don’t feel inferior. If you are sharing what your maind/ heart says says that means you’re good at heart. Let the God bless you abundantly

    1. Hahaha…This is connected to my friend’s bf 😂😂😂
      We were in mall, and she smelt of the same perfume that is used by his bf …and in our whole way she talks about him only….😂😂 i.e., why remembers the day and I don’t how the whole structure (poem) builds.😂😅

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