Picture Prompt Plate #1- ROUNDUP POST

Picture Prompt Plate
Picture prompt plate
(Image of a young women sitting at her window, thinking wistfully while looking outside from the window) Picture Credit – Pinterest

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Everything was going smooth between Lily and Amish. Their families finally permit them to marry. Amish family was against the love marriage custom. They were still living in an old school custom in this 21st century. Where women have to meet a totally unknown and unaware person and if he or his family were good, the marriage is fixed with both their families will. But, for the first time Amish’s parents chose Amish’s voice. They decided to stand beside him and her love against all the odds and evils from society.

Amish loves Lily since they were in school. He never knew this day would finally come and his family would allow for their marriage. Week’s before everything was going smooth and lovey-dovey. They planned each and every day perfectly. They dreamt about their sweet home which they recently bought. They planned to decorate their house like a purely divine Heaven. A week before his marriage, Amish got sick, had a fever and cough. Results have shown that ” You have detected positive for COVID 19“. On their date of marriage, she had lost her husband. Now, it has been a year ago after that incident. She has been sitting on the couch gazing outside the window desolately, reminiscing her moments with his would be husband who is no longer in this world and surmising their life if he would be alive.

BTW, I rarely write stories, i got inspired from my fellow writers you can read their stories from the link below.

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Third wave is going to hit in the India and in most of the countries, they are facing the third wave of the coronavirus pandemic. So, please everyone take care of yourself and your family members. Vaccined yourself and follow the protocols strictly as they are for you only.

Okay, now coming back to the roundup!

This week we were presented with such a variety of sentiments in response to my first prompt image. Please click on the links to read the contributions of our esteemed bloggers.

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Thank you everyone for joining in. This means a lot to me.

My heartfelt gratitude to all of you who have read, commented and shared these posts.

I will be posting next week’s prompt on Saturday i.e., on tomorrow

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