Picture Prompt Plate #3- ROUNDUP POST

Picture Prompt Plate
Girl with a puppy
Picture courtesy – Pinterest
(For virtually handicapped, the picture shows a girl covered with mud and holding a muddy puppy).

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This week we were presented with such a wonderful and captivating stories. Please click on the links to read the contributions of our esteemed bloggers.

Sajde – Picture Plate Prompt # 3

Isadora – Inky Mess

Radhika – My Partner in Crime!

Di – Picture Prompt Plate #3

Melanie B Cee- Picture promt plate#3

Raghu – The kid complement.

Shweta Suresh – The Play-Date

Judy- Who Can Resist a Story About a Little Girl and a Sad Dirty Puppy

Thank you everyone for joining in. This means a lot to me.

My heartfelt gratitude to all of you who have read, commented and shared these posts and don’t be SAD, you can still share your response:)))

Many many thanks for your love and support.





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  1. 💜 The “Girl” is “Dirty” and NEEDS!!! a “Dirty” Dog; or perhaps HER!!! Mother Does


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