Picture Prompt Plate #3

Welcome Back to another Saturday Picture Prompt Plate a.k.a PPP

On every Saturday, I will be posting a new Picture. The prompt is simple you have to write an original poem, prose, story anything related to that picture.

This prompt challenge is hosting on WordPress, if anyone who didn’t own a blog, you can guest post me. Click here to view. You can submit your write up there. Also, I will be sharing the same challenge on Instagram. You can join in there too. You can find me on Instagram by the name @athoughtonmyplate_

Picture Prompt Plate #2


1. You can write a post on your blog and create a pingback to link to the original post and recheck if it is created or not in the original post. If not, manually paste your post’s link to the original post.

2. It can be original story, poem, prose or a caption.

3. There is no limit to words or format but keep it family-friendly

4. Prompt is bilingual i.e., English and Hindi.

5. I will do a round-up next Friday before the next Prompt is posted.

6. It is always helpful if you can give your post/story/poem a title or the “Picture Prompt Plate” just goes fine.

7. Paste a link of your post in the comments section so that I don’t miss anyone in the roundup post.

8. Please tag your responses with #picturepromptplate



This week’s picture of the challenge is given below :-

Picture courtesy – Pinterest

For virtually handicapped, the picture shows a girl covered with mud (her face,hairs, hands, frock) and holding a muddy puppy.

Happy writing !

Excited to read your responses <3 Spread the word !


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  1. Hey Dakshali,
    Here is my attempt. Fiction for the first time. 🙂https://theoasisofmydesert.wordpress.com/2021/07/26/the-kid-complement/?preview=true

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