The void of your words,
Aches your unspoken words.

The void of your words,
Deranges me every night.

The void of your words,
Dethrones me from my own World.

But, over time;
The void of your words,

Filled me with the words of others,

Has displaced me to the presence of others,

Makes the time ponderous, yet liveable.

But somewhere in the midst of dusk,

Still, looking for the aroma of your alphabet.

©Dakshali Gupta
Copyright Reserved

NOTE : Propinquity is the noun which means the state of being close to someone or something according to Google !😄

But for me, my propinquity is the void  of his words, which is always near to me, even after being away to myself. But the silence of those voids speaks a lot, every single day .

Thank you,
Hope you all liked it !

Author: dakshali27

A women who's still searching her wisdom via art.

0 thoughts on “Propinquity”

  1. It is quite perfect to tagged the voidness to propinquity. It is so close to come again and again as see-sow..
    Voidness too has a lot to say…
    Well phrased.

    1. Yeah!
      You’re right Kishan. I like the way you compare this to the see-saw 😄
      Yes, voidness too has a lot to say, just as the silence both are siblings to each other.😅

      And yes, do visit my new post. You have a surprise there ! 😍

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