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She is my fellow collage mate, Hritika Bhattacharya. She has recently joined the WordPress. Follow and Support her to Bloom.

The history is full of heroes who made mark on the pages of time. It sings about the various Valor and pride of the brave kings , men and legends who made the country and the world proud from their gestures and sacrifices. But the words of the history is also donned by many females […]SHEROES OF THE HISTORY: WE DIDN’T KNEW !!

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A women who's still searching her wisdom via art.

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  1. 💜 YOU!!! ARE Most Welcome SHEROE; it’s a Pleasure to Share and Serve, Stay Strong and Serene


  2. A truly inspiring post. Thank you for creating awareness. We certainly need more authors such as yourself in WordPress for spreading social awareness. May these Sheros rest in power.

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