Life is like river,
just flow through it ,
With ups and down,
Without any Hopes and Expectations.
Let it be what’s going on,
As a flowing of water.
And enjoying the gritty surfaces,
With sparkling splashes of joy.
Tons of pebbles, garbages within itself,
Neither complained  nor compliment,
Just flow, flow and flow.
Without any Hopes and Expectations.
But with a keen observation.
Life is Just like a river isn’t it???

© dakshali27

Generally, we get affected by the negative  energies and forget about the positivities that we have in ourselves and start condemning our life.
Irrespective of condemning it, we should start praising to God for giving us the beautiful life and give value to it.
Everyone in this world faced the ups and down in their life which is essential for them to blooming out of the mud.
No one should give up how big their problem is but should cope with strength and determination.
And keep on flowing, absorbing the positive energies and neglecting the negative one, because that is what we called Life.

Author: dakshali27

A women who's still searching her wisdom via art.

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        1. Thank you, for being so benevolent !

          Glad to know that you liked by Blog!

          Give it a read to my current work too, and let me know how it is??

          You too stay safe !

    1. Yeah ! Glad to know that you liked my poem. It’s keep on inspiring me to write such good stuffs . Thank you ! For your appreciation.

  1. Dakshali I am feeling ‘ an Aanand’ by reading your poem ‘River’.By chance today is Ganga Dusshera.Your poem carried me very near to it.

    1. Thank you very very much,for this lovely appreciation.
      Would read my latest poem on “Expectations” and “Let’s be Strangers Again”; you would definitely loved it and let me know your thoughts !

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