“Sleep Got Victory Over Demon.”

Every night,
I fight my demon,
so as to sleep peacefully.
Yet, I change positions,
Every time, I close my eyes,
There’s some bustling, inside me.

He hijacks my brain.
My own musings aren’t even mine
I force myself to sleep,
And fight the demon every night,
So, he can’t control my mind.

Hundreds of sleepless nights are testimony of my aches, and voiceless screams.
After the sacrifice and hours of efforts,
Finally, sleep got victory over demon.
That is only for a short period.

He reappears after hours,
Waking me from deep slumber,
Amidst the dark of midnight,
This poem witnesses his reappearance, as my thoughts reels,
Twenty past three,
Thirty past three,
Fifty past three.

Every night,
I fight with the demon,
So as to sleep peacefully,
Immune to my ignorance, he still haunts me,
But now is the time to fight back,
Fight for my cause, to seek the depths,
To raze under the blaze,
And live a new life everyday.

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