Starry Nights

I was running,
Running to the errands,
running towards the Aravali,
Hid behind
Those bushes,
Dusky, dry shades of junglee wheat.

She tried to click behind those wheatish grass.
I ran away from her,
In search of peace.

I was running towards the lanes.
Lanes of Chowpatty,
In search of peace.
tried to camouflage beneath the sea of blue sky.
I guess I was finding something
or running away from my inner self?
I was running away from you,
I was running away from your thoughts.

Amidst of all yours thought, I was entered into the parallel world,
Floating along with the waves of water.
Oh! Did I mention that I turned into a miniature?
Was I dreaming? Or it was all real?
It felt like everything was happening.
I could felt the coldness of the water,
But, just thinking about you, is keeping me warm.

The blue sky turned into the starry night,
The thought of running away from you turned into the feeling of togetherness.
We’re together.
We’re together floating,
deceiving the magic of the starry night.
I was no longer hated the fact that I loved you.
I was sitting alone,
Besides the lake;
Smiling at my random daydreaming.
I was no longer, hiding, running away from anyone.
I was happy to be myself,
Just like a cheerful kid.

© DakshaliGupta

P.s : Oh, did I mention that I’m day dreamer ?:-D

Thank you :)) I hope you enjoyed it.

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