One Liner Wednesday- June 2nd, 2021

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*Eventually, music is the ultimate game changer.*


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Photo Challenge #367 |One liner Wednesday – May 26, 2021

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Will Robinson, a eight years curious boy and his family members ( two sisters, mother and father) went for a trip around the city via a hired helicopter.

Suddenly he saw that there were some brightening light in the form of ring coming down from the mountains. He pointed it to his mother. He wanted to know more about it, and wanted to land around the mountains. But his mother stopped him to do so by saying him that “May be Danger was there. May be there are some alien activity going on or some kind of volcanic eruption. How could you take risk by yourself and put your family in danger.”

Will – Okay, mom then atleast we should call and inform the concerned team of geologist or may be volcanic hazard team.

They turned their helicopter towards that mountain to describe its full view. Suddenly, their helicopter attracts more towards it. His father, Jack tried hard to move forward. Red alarm is functioning. They all are very scared and in fear. His mother is acting impatiently by now. While, his father is trying hard to escape from that magnetic field. He fuelled the engine more, accelerate it again and again.

Their helicopter was almost gonna touched the ring, suddenly some pressure came across from that mountain and their helicopter fly forward with a tremendous speed and energy.

They all sighed and relaxed. Will said sorry to his mom for making his family in danger.

But, still the question arises “Who pushes their helicopter with that great pressure”? He said to his mom.

One-liner Wednesday – drive slowly

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