RISING by Nida Fazal

Nida Fazal


I might rise slightly deferral,
Like the sun in cold .
My dawn is seldom on time,
Like turn not every bud into a flower.
I hold back grudges and scars,
Like a fly hesist entering a web.
Yet my beginnings aren’t scrubbed,
Perhaps are delayed, indeed not denied.
I go numb when encounter with fears,
Like a soul trapped in a lion cave.
My firm goals, I perform out of mind,
Like drunk straight with alcohol.
I am tirelessly struggling and striving,
Like a farmer raising field crops.

Yet my beginnings aren’t scrubbed,
Perhaps are delayed, indeed not denied.
I am a wanderer of hidden places,
Like the ones in search of their reach.
My theme of poetry is survival,
Like the travellers of peak range.
I show none serene looks, inside lies fire,
Like a thirsty dog trying defeating death.
Yet my beginnings aren’t scrubbed,
Perhaps are delayed, indeed not denied.

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Door to Salvation- The Banyan tree

I stumble over door to door in search of salvation and mental peace.
My own soul failed to recognise herself.
The darker side of soul
spread its branches ferociously.
I feel like I was in prison in my own body like some amarbel find it’s host.
After, millions steps and struggles;
that loner Banyan tree amidst  the cocophany streets piqued my curiosity.
It feels like a gateway to heaven.
Pendulum of hope started dancing over my chaotic mind.
I sit beneath it’s warm blanket and smell it’s scents of petrichor.
I feel myself alive again.
Being in hands of mother nature, feels like a home :
warm and divinely wrapped.
A commitment to bequeathes everything finally headed towards ultimatum enlightenment.
I forth to evolve, learn and grow from the the nature everyday
and cherish it’s company!!!

Picture courtesy – Pinterest
Door to Salvation- The Banyan tree
Instagram post

In Response to Eugi’s Weekly Prompt Post – Nature.

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#WDYS 9 | Embrace the beauty that lies within yourself 🌈🌻

This post was written in response to Sajde’s What do you see #47

Image Credit – Elena Mozhvilo (Unsplash)

( For the visually challenged readers, the image shows an incomplete watercolor on open pages of a notebook. There are tubes of colors next to it and some painting paraphernalia )

You don't need any paraphernalia,
to describe who you are.
You don't have to be beautiful, and eye glancing to appreciate the savor of inner beauty.
I have known you for years,
You still have that soft,
light hearted heart, layered
somewhere between  your subtle smiles.
You don't need to be colorful,
Just to show others.
I embrace you,
with these dreary, deficient colors.
You don't need to get colorful,
these colors defined perfectly 'Who you are'.
You don't have to mask yourself,
with these artificial colours,
You looked stunning in this outlook only.
I can sight the whole galaxy,
In those of yours half - partial image,
That you think it's partial, but it is not dear!
It's more than, than what you think so
You can't see your inner beauty,
that resides within.
You don't need any of these paraphernalia,
To change yourself.
Just embrace the glorious mess that you are.

©Dakshali Gupta | All Rights Reserved |


What’s your fear says ??

I’ll cope up my fears,
I’ll definitely wins the battle b/w all my fears.
The fear of loosing someone,
The fear of falling in someone’s love,
The fear of breaking off !
The fear of gaining weight,
The fear of hair falling,
The fear of failure & hatred,
The fear of What if’s ??
“What if, if people condemns me ?”
The fear of unacceptance,
The fear of jealousy,
The fear of falling off from the cliff,
The fear of drowning into the deep water,
The fear of unpleasant nightmares, if they’re being true;
The fear of existence,
The fear of loosing myself,
The fear of getting old,
The fear of death,
The fear of not completing my purpose,
The fear of my freedom,
The fear of my justice towards my life,
The fear of truth, and lies ;
and the fear of writing this piece.
Fear cascades in all my veins,
as it challenges me, everything I fear of something and boost my conscience with motivation,
i.e., why I always gratitude my fear and keep in myself knowingly…

@dakshali.gupta (3/09/20)
Unsplash- Sammie Vasquez

According, to me fear is good for one self, but yes excess fear is ofcourse not good for health and mental health. But, the fear we experience in our day to day lifestyle, assist our life towards accomplishments inspite of all hindrance. But, this could happen only when you have elixirs of positiveness.
For example, It is said to be that ‘Prevention is better than cure’ but where that prevention comes from, there’s may be some kind of fear which force us to take care of ourselves.

// This is my views regarding fear, kindly share your views in the comment section and yes, always accept your fear don’t try to escape from it.//

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// We never know what the destiny has plan for us, but we have to walk our own steps.//



Image Credit : Lucas Pezetaat at Pexels
Why dreams are meant for men only ? 
Do women don't have their dreams ?
Why they have to change their life after marriage ?
Why they have to scatter their dreams after marriage ?

Why does her own personality have no meaning to her own life ?
Why do we have to hide ourself behind those Masks,
Which world wants to see them as every another women.
And why do women have to accept those chains, and wear those masks.

Why do we have to hide our scars everywhere and everytime .
Why do we have to wear our fears in our sleeves.
Sleeves are known for it's pride,
Not for their fears after all.

Why dreams are meant for men only ?
Do women don't have their own pride ?
Why do women have to be answerable everytime any shits happens ?
And why the hell,
We have to play the roles of so many characters,
but still get the term "trivial" by the society.
Why dreams are meant for men only ?

If this is the definition of marriage,
I'll never ever gonna married to anyone in my life.

In response to What do you see # 42 By Sajde.

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© Dakshali Gupta (12/08/20) All rights Reserved !

The Differences

I know
We are not alike.

I know
We are not the same.

I know
We are not similar either.

I know
You are a Boy…

“Pride of the Society”.

“Pride of the family”.
One who continues the family.

I know
You are a Boy…
Bold and audacious appearance to the society.
One with the heroic character.

But nowadays we are not Inferior anymore.
As such we have heard earlier.
Many Rani Laxmi Bai’s can be conspicuous to the society.
Whatever was said by the society,
Or by the family itself.
Is not always true.

We are not for only submissive romantic interest.
Or not for only baby generator.
We have our own Indentity, our own Fame.

Why we always considered as the
Timid, Needy and the Destitute one.

Why do we always meant for men only.
Can’t we live our life independently ?

Don’t we have our own Indentity and Pride ???

Okay, let’s accept the fact that
We are not as physically strong as men,
But we are emotionally strong enough.

The tears of our eyes,
Are the strength of our soul.
That brings the courage to do
Any Impossible things in the World.

I know
We are not alike.

I know
We are not the same.

I know
We are not similar either.

But we are humans,

Apart from male and female,

We are humans.

Apart from all gender differences,

We are humans.

So, better treat individuals as individual,

Not by their sexes.

©Dakshali Gupta

All Rights Reserved


I have noticed the differences,
That both of us has experienced.
None of one have the courage,
To break the Silence,
And enter a word.
The only I can get is the
Messages of the blank word.

This one was saved in my Google notes. 😄.Thank you for reading !🙃


RED – The Colour of Pride

The colour that unites everyone.
The colour that gives meaning to every women.
The colour that transforms girl to women.
The colour that bleeds through them.
The colour that makes them strong inspite up all the cramps they get.

The colour that stops them to open their wings,
Stupid superstitious customs, behind that game.
Although, there are many people,
Who won that game.
Inspite of all the chains, clenched them tightly.
They won that game.

Red, gives them strength to fly.
Up above the sky,
Where there are no boundations.
Up above the sky,
Where there are no chains, that clenched them.

The colour of their lips,
Which gives sheer glow to their face.
Strength to empower their power.
The colour which unites everyone,
Is the reason for our seperation too.

This patriarchal society,
Wanted us to be down and down.
They can’t see them to fly.
They can’t see them to rise.

But, Oh My Dear,
This world is changing so fast.
The era of mobilization is spreading so fast.
Chains that you used them to clench us,
Is the key to our success.
Is the key to our success.

© Dakshali Gupta

Image taken by instagram



I know you are with me,
In every ups and down.

I know you are with me,
In every health and illness.

I know you are with me,
In every single day and never ending nights.

I know you are with me,
I can feel your presence in my heart.

I know you are with me,
Concealed me in your laps,
A bed full of comfy petals.

I know you are with me,
In every thorns that pinched me.
That teaches the importance of claws in the wisdom of life.

I know you are with me,
The spirit of yours, always with me. Like a dark shadow, following me.

I know you are with me,
The blooming of bud, into the flower. Is the indication of yours.

Never ended Hopes,
Blooming out of the muddy water,
Reminds me the presence of yours.

Inspite of all the sufferings,
You unveil the rays of hope.

I know you are with me,
The presence of butterflies,
Are the indication of yours.

Despite of darkness,
The caterpillar survives in the cocoon. Waiting for it’s wings to touch the skies.

I know you are with me.
Your presence can be seen in everywhere.
I am not the one who is the disciple of yours.
Millions of people are the followers of yours.

I know times are not good for everyone,
But the rays of hope is enough for me, To survive.
The existence of yours in my heart, Is enough for my reason to exist.

In response to Sadje’s What do you see #37