That Gleaming Moon !

Some says Moon is their God,
For others it would be their Mother, Or friend,
But for me,
You’re only my “Chanda Mama”.
Hours spend besides the lake,
Under the stars.
The soft gentle breeze,
Reminds me the presence of your. Gazing you all night,
To smilling you,
And you always gleaming back to me. You’d be always there for me,
When no one is there.
Listens to all my problems,
To solving it.
You’re always there for me, My Chanda Mama !
And bring back those gleamy smiles again.
You’re always my Chanda Mama…. Forever and ever !!!© Dakshali Gupta
Copyright Reserved !
I’m missing this place very much !
That walking in the lanes of Anasagar Chowpatty, where every song soothes the soul itself, that gazing to moon for hours and clicking numerous picture of it. That whispers of wind which touches the heart, to remove all its scars.
How beautiful is this place in itself !💙

Author: dakshali27

A women who's still searching her wisdom via art.

0 thoughts on “That Gleaming Moon !”

      1. I have been there.I love this place .
        So calm, openness and fishes in this really attracts me .I wish I could get there once again.😊

        1. Yes, the sunrise and the sunsets are so much beautiful and calm, watching birds, fishes.
          Ofcourse, you should keep visited Ajmer, it’s such a beautiful place .

    1. Bachpan, chanda mama ke poems sunte the na (chanda mama dur ke) something like that…. That’s what I encrypted in my mind . And always call him Chanda Mama😂😂. Isn’t it so stupidity !!😂😂

      1. Haha not really. 😀Infact it’s cute . Apne bachapn yad dila diya. ham bhi kafi sune hai aur bachapan me bulate bhi the Chanda mama 😊

  1. haha you reminded me of my childhood infact still we call them chanda Mama, what a lovely tribute to a beautiful connection with the moon.
    So beautiful, loved it ❤

    1. Thank you so much, for showing me such affection, Glad to know that you liked it.
      And yeah, childhood memories are our most beautiful moments that we still remembers it ! Isn’t it??

        1. Yes, those days are really unforgettable days. I still remember that I used to play with dolls, making her dresses, with that kitche n sets stuffs.. arguing with my siblings…hahaha…And I making fun of myself that I used to play with dolls in my childhood.😂😂

  2. Cute.. oh no! Cutest. Yah, It’s right.
    You have truly prosed that –
    for me moon is only my Chanda mama.
    Sure. We have often a lot talk..with moon.😊

    1. Glad to know that you liked that line.

      You know when someone praise your work, you gain motivation to write your next article with full efforts becoz you know somewhere that someone is reading your blog and would truly appreciate for this .

      Thank you so much Kishan for your valuable words.🥰

  3. It’s completely right that a true appreciation boosts up to engage seaselessly.
    Dakshali , whenever your feelings and emotions comes infront of you in woven way , that make crazy.
    Great welcome .

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