Door to Salvation- The Banyan tree

I stumble over door to door in search of salvation and mental peace.
My own soul failed to recognise herself.
The darker side of soul
spread its branches ferociously.
I feel like I was in prison in my own body like some amarbel find it’s host.
After, millions steps and struggles;
that loner Banyan tree amidst  the cocophany streets piqued my curiosity.
It feels like a gateway to heaven.
Pendulum of hope started dancing over my chaotic mind.
I sit beneath it’s warm blanket and smell it’s scents of petrichor.
I feel myself alive again.
Being in hands of mother nature, feels like a home :
warm and divinely wrapped.
A commitment to bequeathes everything finally headed towards ultimatum enlightenment.
I forth to evolve, learn and grow from the the nature everyday
and cherish it’s company!!!

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Door to Salvation- The Banyan tree
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In Response to Eugi’s Weekly Prompt Post – Nature.

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Author: dakshali27

A women who's still searching her wisdom via art.

10 thoughts on “Door to Salvation- The Banyan tree”

  1. I quote “ I feel myself alive again.
    Being in hands of mother nature, feels like a home”
    From ancient times the meditativeness with nature remained most beneficial method of enlightenment or salvation. Those who feel ‘at home’ with nature will ultimately fall into inner or ‘eternal Home’. The first step is most difficult, then after recognising that it helps one needs to yearn to have that experience daily when listening to bird’s chirp or rising Sun, or moon and stars at night, or dancing of trees due to wind, subtle music of flow of air, or sound of silence of dark night.
    Then it is just a matter of time and one day it happens on its own. Do not try to let it happen.

    1. Yes, it is so true. We can’t force ourselves on the way to enlightenment or Salvation . It do comes with practice of meditation and peace. Feeling the nature itself refreshes our mind, it is just a small pace towards the step to enlightenment. But, in today’s world we do not cherish the mother nature, bird’s chirping, wine dancing …as you said so. But, this pathetic covid, do transformed the people somehow. They shifted to meditation and yoga and indoor planting has also been increased.
      Thank you for your valuable comment sir. Much appreciated!

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