The Differences

I know
We are not alike.

I know
We are not the same.

I know
We are not similar either.

I know
You are a Boy…

“Pride of the Society”.

“Pride of the family”.
One who continues the family.

I know
You are a Boy…
Bold and audacious appearance to the society.
One with the heroic character.

But nowadays we are not Inferior anymore.
As such we have heard earlier.
Many Rani Laxmi Bai’s can be conspicuous to the society.
Whatever was said by the society,
Or by the family itself.
Is not always true.

We are not for only submissive romantic interest.
Or not for only baby generator.
We have our own Indentity, our own Fame.

Why we always considered as the
Timid, Needy and the Destitute one.

Why do we always meant for men only.
Can’t we live our life independently ?

Don’t we have our own Indentity and Pride ???

Okay, let’s accept the fact that
We are not as physically strong as men,
But we are emotionally strong enough.

The tears of our eyes,
Are the strength of our soul.
That brings the courage to do
Any Impossible things in the World.

I know
We are not alike.

I know
We are not the same.

I know
We are not similar either.

But we are humans,

Apart from male and female,

We are humans.

Apart from all gender differences,

We are humans.

So, better treat individuals as individual,

Not by their sexes.

©Dakshali Gupta

All Rights Reserved

Author: dakshali27

A women who's still searching her wisdom via art.

52 thoughts on “The Differences”

    1. Thank you so much HS .
      Yes, sometimes I felt so raged and boiled after hearing and seeing this hypocrisy thoughts of society.
      Thank you for your precious time .

  1. Stormy and brain shaking questions you’ve put before our so called civilised siciety…..
    Really….apart from all the gender differences we are human first…..and female should also treated equally….
    Good one Dakshali ……🌼

    1. Yes, Ankit…but you know..these words are better suits here only…we can’t change our society..just by our voice and words….We should made changes in our thoughts and behaviour….. And thus changes can be seen on individual basis.
      We can’t think about to change our society at once, rather we should change our perspective and the people attached to ourself.

  2. Bold voice… absorbing all related things.
    Dakshali , Your attempt is quite different from those pieces which seems a truthless dialogue . By hiding the truth any social course cannot be completed .
    Male and female is natural conjugation and it is hell to be judgemental . This is transition period where people are understanding and breaking orthodox and it is your appreciable contribution of this change.
    Great !

    1. Thank you Kishan for your well appreciated and powerful words.

      Yes, Kishan you’re right, by hiding the truth one can’t be happy nor can’t feel respected neither. I have watched recently ‘Thappad’ movie, and in that too I have observed this fact.

      Yes, you’re right Kishan, it is a transition period and people know what is true or not and they have right to fight against their injustice, and they somewhere know that they are not alone.

      Thank you so much, for understanding my words…this is not the poem for me..even I can’t write a poem on women’s struggle and how she have to suffer in their daily it is far more than that.

      Thank you for letting your words and with this let’s owe to break this orthodox thought in your level only. You never judge anyone on the basis of gender biases in your every stage of life.

      Thank you☺️
      Stay blessed 💕 Stay Safe 💯

  3. you have elaborated my squeezed words in a great way. Thank you.
    I have not watched “Thappad “yet but having soon.
    🙂 In our habit we are trying , get succeed , get failed but still working to think towards human instead gender.
    There are some people who talk about equality like it is their mercy.
    There is a thin but far difference between difference and discrimination and it is a time’s challenge to deal with this.
    It’s great to pendown about such more issues .Hope you will …. .

  4. Yeah….really Dakshali…… By changing our thoughts and behavior… and by every individual only can bring change. And you know only true education (including moral and ethical value) can boost it….

      1. Yeah…..every change takes time…
        We can enjoy those changes or not that’s not known but we must put our best… lots of freedom fighter hadn’t enjoyed freedom but they put their efforts and that’s why future is enjoying …..

      1. I just focused on the content. I don’t have good knowledge about rhyme. The content matters first. You have wrote it.

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