The Ode to Joy


Joel Valve – Unsplash
The day,
She waited for
has reached its endeavour.
The day,
She always waited for,
has finally reached its endeavour.
Filled with the elixirs of exhilaration,
she stretched her hands,
as if she was touching the skies.
Poised on her very toe,
arching her body,
as if going to pirouette.
She jumped, bent, rose, turned 'round
and felt the droplets of water abruptly over her fingers,
that tumbles downwards to the neck,
giving the serenity to her sultry cells.
She danced.
She danced, without
the conventional boundaries,
till she gained her reassaurance.

In response to Sajde’s What do you see #44

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  1. So captivating! 😀

    It is such a beautiful and positive poem. The beautiful lines just spur the reader on to read more.

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